Valentine’s Day special | practicing yoga is like falling in love. Which of these nine stages have you reached?

Love can be divided into the following stages: the hazy period of first love, the coexistence period of hot love, the period of attachment and independence, and the plain symbiosis period.

Practicing yoga is like falling in love with yoga.

If you divide this process into several stages, do you know what stage you have reached now? Curious about yoga for the first time, you have the motivation to continue to understand it.

Like the classic line of the overbearing President: “woman, you have successfully attracted my attention!” May not like it, do not necessarily think how good it is, but full of curiosity.

You will want to get close to yoga and understand yoga.

02 like to practice for a period of time.

You find that it is not as difficult as you think, nor as one-sided as others say.

If you like yoga every day, you will gradually feel the benefits of yoga.

If you already like yoga, yoga has become a compulsory course every day.

It’s almost difficult for you not to practice, because without practice, your body will be uncomfortable.

You always feel like there’s something missing today.

04 when practicing yoga, there will always be some asanas to overcome.

You will persist in challenging these asanas you can’t do, and spend a lot of time and energy on the asanas you want to do.

However, whether it’s emotion or yoga, being too persistent will make you vulnerable to injury.

Sometimes when we are too persistent, we forget to pay attention to ourselves.

We just want to “do it”, but we forget to pay attention to our physical feelings.

If you find that it may be the congenital reason of your body that makes you unable to continue to make progress, then what you have to do is persistence but acceptance.

06 accepting the “acceptance” here is more about accepting yourself.

Let go of persistence, accept the present self and accept the imperfect self.

You will stop to observe your real needs and not dwell on the question of “why do you work so hard or can’t do well”.

It is mentioned in the Yoga Sutra that yoga is to control the fluctuation of your mind and consciousness.

Your self-discipline and restraint can make you better practice yoga.

08 freedom will not be affected by anything outside.

This is freedom.

Think about the experience of being urged to get married by their family.

Some people can’t stand being married in a hurry.

They are confused all their life.

Some people stick to their ideas, but worry in advance every time they have a family party.

In fact, how the outside world has nothing to do with you.

Starting from the heart and returning to the truth, through continuous practice, we can be free from fear, pain and loneliness.

09 Thanksgiving we often say that we should face people, things and things with a grateful heart.

As Kant, a foreign scholar, said, “on a clear night, looking up at the night sky, you will get a pleasure that can only be realized by a noble mind.” Let’s talk about a long-lasting love with the unknown you, the real you and the better you through yoga!  。.

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