Women’s hands and feet are cold in winter? This set of female conditioning yoga moves should be practiced often!

When winter comes, many female friends will have cold hands and feet.

Therefore, many women worry about whether they have physical problems or whether they are cold in the palace? In fact, cold hands and feet have nothing to do with palace cold.

Don’t worry too much.

Women’s cold hands and feet in winter are mostly due to poor blood circulation at the ends of fingers and toes.

To solve this problem, the most economical and effective solution is to sit less, exercise more and do more exercises to promote arms and legs.

So, today I recommend a set of simple yoga movements, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of legs, arms and the whole body.

Long-term practice can not only effectively alleviate the problem of cold hands and feet, but also sweat and lose weight.

Let’s try it together: action 1 keep knees on the ground, inhale vertically in the thighs, and exhale with hands flat on the side, Tighten the core, inhale in an encircling way with both hands forward, restore, practice 20 actions dynamically, 2 kneel down, inhale with the thighs perpendicular to the ground, hold both hands flat, exhale with the palms upward, draw circles with both hands clockwise for 20 times, and then draw circles counterclockwise for 20 times, 3.

Support the ground with both hands and knees, enter the quadruped support and exhale, tighten the core, bend the elbows downward, and stick the forearms to the ground, Dynamic practice for 20 times.


Keep the ready position of action 3.

Exhale, tighten the left leg and right hand of the core, straighten to both sides, lift up, inhale, restore and exhale.

Repeat 12-20 groups of actions on the other side.


Keep the quadruped support posture exhale, tighten the core and lift both knees off the ground for 3-5 seconds.

Dynamic practice for 12-20 times.


Keep the quadruped support position.

Exhale, tighten the core and inhale with both knees off the ground, Straighten the left leg backward and lift the exhalation.

Bend the hip and knee of the left leg forward and touch the chest for 12-20 times.

Change the other side action 7 to maintain the quadruped support, straighten the right leg and lift the exhalation backward, tighten the core, bend the elbow and inhale downward, restore, repeat the exercise for 12-20 times, change the other side action 8 to withdraw from the quadruped support position, close the legs together, keep the body in a straight line, enter the inclined plate exhale and tighten the core, Relax the shoulder blades, bend the elbows slightly, press down, inhale, straighten your arms, push the shoulder blades upward, dynamically practice 12-20 times, 9 supine position, bend your knees, lift your breath forward, tighten the core, straighten your right leg forward, inhale, restore, exhale and change the other side.

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