Women who have been Yoga for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years are too real

What’s the difference between you who have been paying attention to yoga for 1, 3 or 5 years? Whether for the sake of body or health, yoga is the best choice.

For Yoga lovers, do you lie down with a gun—- Yoga equipment —- Yoga for 1 year: all kinds of fashion sports brands have all kinds of Yoga equipment.

Don’t mention whether the yoga posture is standard or not.

At least it looks professional and beautiful ~ Yoga for 3 years: if you use a professional sports brand, I’m an old hand in yoga! Yoga for 5 years: wearing yoga clothes is enough, mobile wallet? It has something to do with yoga—- Yoga process – Yoga for 1 year: dress up carefully before yoga.

Don’t forget to take selfie when yoga is tired.

How can you not send a circle of friends for praise after yoga?! 3 years of Yoga: occasionally, when Yoga fasting or yoga meditation reaches a certain stage, send a circle of friends in a low-key way.

Yoga for 5 years: change yoga clothes, practice, take a bath after practice, and finish—- Yoga psychological activity – Yoga for 1 year: only thinking can ignore the fact that you are practicing and tired like a dog.

Yoga for 3 years: I’m tired from my work at ordinary times.

I quickly take advantage of the gap of yoga to think about my life.

Yoga for 5 years: Yoga is enjoyment.

Why do you think so much—- Living habits – Yoga for 1 year: occasionally I will be lazy and not yoga, but basically say goodbye to procrastination.

Yoga for 3 years: don’t stay up late at ordinary times, don’t stay in bed on weekends, and don’t hang out late at night.

Such a self-discipline life can only be achieved by a girl who has been Yoga for more than three years! Yoga for five years: yoga can last for five years.

What else can stop me? I’m my queen.

Throw up my whip—- Body temperament – Yoga for 1 year: thin waist, hip and short skirt and vest are worn! I’m the most beautiful on the road! Three years of Yoga: Vest line, waist socket, strong arms, and the good figure of Weimi Mazu! Wear any clothes have a fan ~ Yoga for 5 years: what is the challenge of putting coins in the clavicle and touching the navel with your back hand? Pass easily without pressure! Good figure, good mood and self-confidence can’t be stopped—- Inner state – Yoga for 1 year: from time to time, see how the Jiayou around are practicing and whether they surpass me.

It’s difficult to concentrate.

Three years of Yoga: yoga practice is your own feeling, listen to your own heart, practice your own yoga, and swim in your own yoga ocean.

Yoga for 5 years: the body and mind are independent and clean, the will is easy to concentrate, and the vitality is improving.

You can meditate for a while between waiting for people and waiting for the bus at any time, and you are very energetic.

How long have you been practicing yoga? Can you find your own shadow from the comparison of yoga for 1, 3 and 5 years? Sticking to yoga is to let you become the master of your body and consciousness and enjoy the ease brought by self-discipline.

As long as you enter the world of yoga, you will find that yoga makes you work hard for a better lifestyle- Today’s topic: what’s the difference between yoga for 1, 3 and 5 years? Talk about your experience ~ welcome to leave a message.

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