Yoga “Crescent” grasping feet so hard? Step by step, you can practice like this!

On the way of yoga, we should pay attention to the crescent foot grasping.

It is a highly difficult backward bending posture, which requires not only the flexibility of the spine, but also the opening of the shoulders and hips, and the extension of the muscles in the front of the abdomen, chest and thigh.

Although the asana is difficult, as long as you warm up fully and stick to it every day, your hands will be closer and closer to your feet! Today I’ll introduce you to a set of step-by-step practice methods of crescent foot grasping.

Please collect them quickly! Practice crescent step by step ↓↓↓ step 1: come to crescent step, keep your left knee and instep close to the ground, bend your right leg in front, put your hands above your right knee, extend your spine upward and sink your hips backward for 30 seconds.

Step 2: come to lunge step, straighten your left leg, put your toes on the ground, put your hands on the Yoga brick and sink your hips downward for 30 seconds.

Step 3: put your legs on the bed (or other high object) in the back, bend your front legs 90 °, and hold your hands on your knees, Sink the hip and keep it down for 30 seconds step 4: bend the back knee, press the instep with your hand, and keep the heel close to the hip for 30 seconds step 5: grasp the foot, turn the shoulder back, and keep the heel away from the hip, and try to straighten the arm for 30 seconds step 6: change the other hand to grasp the instep, keep the heel away from the hip, and try to straighten the arm for 30 seconds step 7: come to the crescent pose, bend the back knee, Press the instep and let the script come to the outside of the waist for 30 seconds.

Step 8: put your hands on the brick and extend your spine backward for 30 seconds.

Step 9: step on the wall with your heels, bend your hands back, push the wall back, straighten your arms and lift your chest up for 30 seconds.

Step 10: come to the crescent pose, put your feet under the bed, push the bed back with your hands, straighten your arms and lift your chest up for 30 seconds.

OK, the warm-up is over! Next, try to enter the crescent claw in two ways.

Method 1: start from the wheel pose, bend the right knee to the ground, sink the left leg slowly forward, hold the ankle with both hands, keep the armpit open, straighten the arm and keep breathing for 5 times.

Method 2: start from the crescent pose, let the back toes pedal slowly backward, sink the hip and lift the chest, expand the armpit, hold the ankle, and keep the instep close to the ground for 5 times.

Ha ha, did you catch it? Don’t worry if you don’t catch it.

Crescent grasping is an advanced backward bending posture.

If you have low back pain or poor breathing during practice, you should stop and don’t go too deep.

At the same time, first relax the less difficult backward bend, and then challenge the crescent grasping.

Yoga is to practice for a lifetime.

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