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Yoga instructor Q & A: can I practice yoga sun worship in the evening?

Q: teacher, should we only practice restorative asanas in the evening? Can you practice the sun salutation? A: evening exercises help us slow down, focus on the inside, and switch from day to night.

Relaxing muscles through asanas can relieve the tension and pressure caused by central gravity.

By stretching and twisting, the intervertebral discs of the spine are re hydrated.

Evening exercises should be in conjunction with breathing or restorative asanas.

It can also be a quiet, slow mobility exercise to listen to the voice of the body through the guidance of breathing.

For example, you can use breathing to help you feel the stiffness of your shoulder, then do some simple stretching to relax it, and finally relieve the stiffness.

It can be some classic asanas or simple stretching.

Sun worship is a wonderful mobile practice.

You can practice it alone or in combination with other exercises.

It is also possible to practice it at night.

Although their main function is to give energy to the body and warm up the body, they can also practice in a relaxed way to inject energy into the body instead of raising too much energy.

The traditional hatahari twelve pose, in the crescent pose, the foot goes back to the inclined board, then to the octahedron to the ground, and then to the snake pose.

This flow opens the chest, cooperates with the breath, and returns to standing and bending forward.

Combined with some simple twists and shoulder handstands, it is a good choice for practice before going to bed.

So the answer is: Yes.

You can practice the sun worship in the evening.

It depends on how you practice.

If you can, it is recommended to match it with dim lights and quiet music for better effect! ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recent good articles ▼ today’s preferred yoga instructors are reading them..

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