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When practicing yoga, how do you tie your hair more photogenic?

It is said that people with beautiful hairstyles will be in a happy mood ~ what kind of hairstyle do you wear when practicing yoga? Many small partners choose to tie a neat ponytail, but different moods should be matched with different hairstyles.

Hairstyles cannot be invariable.

Share several of the most common hairstyles on INS.


Long hair is loose.

This kind of long curly hair is most suitable for taking photos.

First, you have to have a large amount of hair, and then find a good angle.

Coupled with yoga posture, it looks like promoting hair advertisements.

These pictures are very natural, with a little lazy feeling.

With the back bending posture, they look very comfortable.

Warm tip: don’t wear your hair when practicing soup, otherwise you will become Water ghost.


The high ponytail should be the hairstyle with the highest appearance rate, which is simple and practical.


The low ponytail hairstyle shows a small face, with a little fluffy on the top of the head, and will make you elegant and generous.


Two or three strands of braided Ponytail Hair can be used.

People with large hair volume are prone to sweat and sticky discomfort in summer, which makes it refreshing and playful.


Low double ponytails and two pigtails make the whole person look gentle and classic.

Skillful Jia people can try it.


Meatball head is also the favorite of the Jias.

With a trace of youthful vitality, it shows charming shoulder and neck lines and looks particularly clean.

What kind of hairstyle do you like best when practicing yoga? ▼▼ if you want to learn more follow-up videos ▼▼ recommend good lessons and good things in the near future, and select yoga products in the lower left corner..

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