Yoga is as warm as ever. Ignite your enthusiasm to practice yoga!

Q: is winter coming? Should I practice yoga?! A: of course! The colder, the more practice! In winter, the temperature is low and the blood flow in the body is slow.

At this time, the body will yearn for hot things, so everyone likes hot pot in winter! But the hot pot will catch fire and grow meat! Instead of letting external food come in to heat the body, it’s better to practice yoga.

After practicing yoga, how can you warm your body? The harder, the more practice! Think about the body that is not so soft.

If it doesn’t move in one winter, it will be stiff again in the coming year! So, even if you don’t want to practice softer in winter, just keep your body flexible, so you still have to practice! The less you want to practice, the more you want to practice! It’s time to challenge your willpower! Getting up early in summer and stepping on the yoga mat is not a skill.

If you have the ability, you can step on the yoga mat before dawn in winter and when the quilt is calling you! You can get up and practice yoga in winter.

It’s not a problem in spring and summer next year! What should you pay attention to when practicing yoga in winter? 1.

We should be gentle, sprout in spring, flourish in summer, harvest in autumn and rest in winter.

Therefore, yoga practice in winter should be gentle, mainly with simple stretching, but don’t stretch too much.

The challenging yoga moves are still reserved for spring or even summer, and are mainly raised in winter.


Do more warm-up.

In winter, the body is relatively stiff and the external temperature is low, so extend the warm-up time to make the body warm up and even sweat a little.


Air circulation, pay attention to keep warm.

When practicing, you take a deep breath, so it’s not good to breathe in too much cold air.

It’s best to practice indoors.

Just open a little window and let the air circulate.

Pay attention to keep warm, especially the shoulder and knee joints.

Wear long sleeved trousers, and even knee pads and yoga socks.

If the weather is really cold, you can also turn on a small electric hot air blower.

Or does wood have power? Look at the pictures of people practicing yoga in the snow! ↓↓↓ ignite your enthusiasm to practice yoga in winter!..

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