Yoga pants with waist and hips can always add points to the shape and walk on the street

Yoga pants with waist and hips can always add points to the shape and walk on the street.

The collocation of yoga pants is always the easiest to be ignored, but it will leave a strong oriental classical flavor on you.

Today, we are talking about the dry goods matched with half pants and yoga pants.

What we can’t lack in wearing is yoga pants.

Half pants are often worn with T-shirts, and their faces immediately become small and fresh.

The style selection of half pants is also very particular.

The choice of length depends on the color and style.

If the trousers are too long and don’t know what color to choose, you can choose the contrast color or stripe color, which is simple and fresh.

People who can’t match them can also choose a simple white match.

If the pants have too many colors and good styles, but we don’t know how to choose the color matching, we can use the bottomed shirt to match the half pants, which will play a good role in modifying the body.

Natural materials can make the whole person more temperament.

At this time, you can also choose the matching of half pants with high heels.

In short, the matching of yoga pants is really a headache.

Here are some common matching of yoga pants, which we can refer to.

Monochrome collocation monochrome collocation is to use only one color system for collocation.

Fairies who do not choose color collocation can simply use monochrome collocation.

Better color collocation also chooses color matching, which will make the whole look more fashionable.

White is a versatile color, and there is no wrong color matching.

Simple collocation can look very temperament.

Black collocation is difficult to control.

The fairies can choose the way of color contrast or white color contrast.

For example, in a white background, using black yoga pants to match bags or shoes, the whole look will become very bright.

Broken flower collocation broken flower collocation has more occasions to wear in summer.

Such patterns will make the whole look more fashionable.

Broken flowers with denim blue have a literary style, and broken flowers with white have a sense of freshness.

The styles of these two floral yoga pants are different.

Look at the figure below, which one makes you feel more? Monochrome collocation is the choice and collocation of colors.

In the collocation of these colors, if you want to express freshness and nature, you can use orange and warm neutral colors.

It’s best not to choose fluorescent color, which will make you look neat.

Although monochrome collocation is simple, it will be fashionable and versatile.

Stripe matching stripe matching is also a very advanced element.

This pattern can always stand out from a group of people.

Stripe look with blue is more beautiful and has a feeling of quiet lady.

Stripes are also very versatile elements.

A short striped chiffon shirt with half pants is also a very good choice.

Stripes are also very feminine elements.

Matching yoga pants will make the whole person very feminine.

Matching with gauze pants will make the whole look elegant and extraordinary.

Finally, Xiaobian is here to recommend some yoga pants suitable for the workplace.

The blue yoga pants are fresh with the white ones.

Camel half pants are easy to feel old-fashioned and pick people.

Camel with khaki is very clean.

In addition, it should be noted that you can’t buy camel colored clothes.

After all, the loose matching makes the whole person more procrastinated and the whole picture looks more bloated.

Woolen yoga pants are lighter than those made of thin thread, and have a great sense of falling..

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