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A pair of yoga pants is 1000 yuan, and lululemon is connected with Nike

If lululemon’s popularity is to seize the traffic password of “paying attention to women”, such imitators might as well come more and expose more vigorous and long neglected female needs to the sun.

When she brushed the same shoes in different colors on social software for the third time, Hachi, an Internet worker, found something wrong.

Those fitness bloggers who rush to sell body anxiety have neither pushed the fat reduction menu nor taught you how to spend a beautiful summer.

Instead, they have aired lululemon’s new running shoes.

After another search, there are more than 10000 relevant notes, which seems to have become a new fashion trend.

Hachi found out later that the original brand of “middle-class essential Yoga Pants” also began to sell shoes.

At the beginning of this month, taking advantage of the east wind of International Women’s day, lululemon began to officially sell shoes, and released five footwear products at one go, including a women’s running shoe (blissfeel), two women’s sports shoes (chargefeel, divided into low top and middle top), a women’s training shoe (strongfeel) and a slipper (restheel, for both men and women).

△ lululemon’s women’s running shoes in 10 colors/ Micro-blog @lululemon3 23, running shoes blissfeel first launched in North America, Chinese mainland and the United Kingdom.

The price is also very middle-class.

The price of 1180 yuan is about 1.4 of its classic align yoga pants.

In terms of price alone, it is not inferior to the “straight man’s ultimate dream” AJ next door.

Lululemon sold shoes this time, claiming to work with biomechanics and morphology experts.

After four years of research and development, it was built from scratch based on the foot shape data of millions of women.

Full product gimmicks and hard publicity show its growth ambition.

However, from the buyer’s show, the reputation of lululemon’s new shoes is still polarized.

Make complaints about its “good package and support”.

It’s also known as “toughened” and “rough”.

This inevitably makes people wonder – can this highly expected sneaker really replicate the myth of the popularity of yoga pants in those days? Nine out of ten eyeliner in yoga pants, if you are in a big business center, see a city beauty who is armed to the eye, even with the hair strict in demands.

But you should be surprised when you wear a Yoga Pant.

In all likelihood, she is walking on the athleisure style of lululemon with fire.

If you don’t believe it, you can find an exquisite inverted ULO on the back waist of yoga pants.

△ ordinary yoga pants can only be seen in the gym, but lululemon’s yoga pants can be seen on any occasion/ How popular is little red book @ saisaisailululemon? The daily people has interviewed a group of its loyal fans.

In the eyes of the middle class in the first tier cities, what brand to wear to the yoga hall has become a tacit rule.

Whether it is decathlon with tens of pieces, Nike and andema with hundreds of pieces, it can’t compare with lululemon with thousands of pieces.

Being in the same room will only “offend its dignity”.

Life blogger Mademoiselle Cherie Luna (hereinafter referred to as “pull teacher”) believes that lululemon’s upper body rate is closely related to the prosperity index of the local gym, and jokingly puts forward the concept of “dew content”.

It is not difficult to see that dew content is the proportion of fitness enthusiasts wearing lululemon sportswear in a gym.

In the view of teachers, dew content is undoubtedly an important sign to test the environment, membership level and market positioning of a gym.

For example, the dew content of pay per view yoga clubs is far lower than that of membership yoga clubs, while the dew content of shared gyms that don’t even have bathroom rooms is basically zero.

△ see anthropology in the gym through lululemon/ Microblogging in the gym with high dew content, it is undoubtedly a sin to walk at night.

While drying out afternoon tea and expensive bags and exchanging organic salad eating experience with Tonghao, the ladies with quiet years also don’t forget to look at the concave shape of the camera to show their proud figure and noble yoga pants.

People’s enthusiastic pursuit of lululemon makes it hard to imagine that it is a new brand that entered China at the end of 2016.

Also in this year, in the hit drama Ode to joy, the overseas returnee elite “Andy” wore the brand’s yoga clothes when running in the morning.

At that time, the audience did not have any curiosity about the sportswear that looked like the design and color of the snowflake signal on the TV.

Until fashion numbers popularized science one after another, they called it “the hottest sports brand in North America” and “the heart of the western middle class”.

△ I don’t know if Andy, the financial elite, will think “you’re short and I’m long” when running in the morning.

Of course, this statement is not wrong.

In the famous book “I’m a mother, I need a platinum bag”, the author with a doctorate in Anthropology from Yale described a portrait of ladies on the upper east side of New York.

It is not difficult to see that the standard accessories of those well-off stay at home wives are Hermes platinum bags, lululemon classic yoga pants and graceful posture wrapped in soft cloth..

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