Before yoga, Qu Mingming is pulling the back of his legs. Why does his ass ache? (collection level)

Many yoga beginners pay attention to yoga standing forward flexion on the Yoga road.

When practicing yoga forward flexion, “ass” is easy to strain, that is, the tendon around the sciatic tubercle.

1、 Why does Qu Mingming stretch the back of his leg before yoga, but make the sciatic tubercle painful? Because the starting point of the hamstring muscle at the back of the thigh is the sciatic tubercle.

2、 Standing forward flexion is easier to stretch the sciatic tubercle.

In yoga forward flexion, standing forward flexion is the most prone to strain near the sciatic tubercle.

Because when standing and flexing forward, more weight is pressed on the sciatic tubercle.

If the method is wrong, it is easy to be injured.

3、 How did you strain the sciatic tubercle in standing forward flexion? 1.

There is no force to start the legs.

It seems that this is a stretching action, but the legs need to exert force.

The ground should be compacted around the sole of the foot, the toes should push the ground strongly, and the muscles in the front of the thigh should be lifted up at the same time.


When standing forward bending without starting the power of the core, it is necessary to start the core.

Only by starting the core can we drive the pelvis to rotate forward and stand stably.


If you don’t pay attention to the stretching point, stand and bend forward.

The stretching place should be the back of the whole leg, not the top of the leg (ischial tubercle).

If you stretch the ischial tubercle and still try to fold forward and rotate the pelvis forward, you will be injured.

Moreover, stretch to the point, step by step, and don’t think about pulling it completely at one time.

4、 How to safely stretch the back of the leg? There is a misunderstanding.

Many people think it’s safe to bend your knees in standing forward bending.

In fact, it’s not.

When you bend your knees, you completely avoid the stretching of the back and lower legs.

However, the sciatic tubercle will be strained because you go too deep.

For beginners, it is not recommended to do too much or too strong leg forward flexion.

You can try single leg forward flexion, and correctly start the strength of legs and core, and pay attention to the extension of spine at the same time.


Strengthen side extension in this pose, the strength of both legs should be started at the same time, straighten the hips, start the core at the same time, and extend the spine 2 In this pose, the front leg of the half god monkey should activate the front thigh muscles, the hip should straighten the core, and extend the spine.

The strain in standing forward flexion is a very easy situation for yoga beginners, and it is difficult to recover from the strain in this part.

It is recommended to repair the sports injury.

If you don’t do any treatment, it will take 4-6 months to recover according to your personal situation.

During this period, you can continue to practice yoga, but you should pay attention to the starting strength every time you bend forward, and the key points are up to now- Today’s topic: yoga, details are very important Talk about your experience ~ welcome to leave a message.

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