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Beginners must know the details of 25 common yoga poses! (collection level)

For beginners of yoga, there are not many postures, but to understand the positive position of postures, the details of postures and the simple variants of postures.

In this way, we can lay a good foundation, get twice the result with half the effort and avoid injury.

Today, the yogi collected the details of 25 primary yoga poses for the students.

By comparison, are you right? 1.

In the phantom chair, keep your feet together, bend your knees, don’t exceed your toes, put your hands together or open them up 2 Four column support four column support elbows should be 90 °, heel pedal backward, center of gravity forward, beginners should touch the ground on their knees 3 Standing flexion standing flexion fold from your hips, bend your knees or use bricks if necessary.

4 First bend your knees, step on the ground with your feet, put your hands on your knees above your shoulders, first lift your hips, and then lift your head 5 Beam angle sitting and standing, bend your knees, and be relatively careful not to bow your back 6 Sit and stand in mountain style, straighten your legs, hook your feet back, and don’t protrude your ribs 7 Simple sitting neck stretch to keep the spine straight and the neck extended for 8 Strengthen the side and stretch your hands to pray or hug each other’s elbows.

If necessary, support the ground with both hands Snake prone, with both hands on both sides of the ribs and 10 in the elbows Crescent right knee 90 °, back heel up, beginner knee landing 11 The soldier’s right hip is backward, his hands are folded or opened 12 Keep the spine straight by touching the head of one leg with the knee, grasp the wrist with hands, and use yoga belt if necessary to keep the spine extended 13 Side angle beginners put their elbows on their thighs, or on the inside, and finally on the outside 14 Locust prone, hands can be on both sides of the ribs, or back, or forward, and finally back to both sides 15 Note that both feet are parallel.

Beginners put bricks under the sacrum 16 Dolphin note that the back and legs are straight 17 Bind your hands around your thighs and hold your wrists 18 In the eight body throwing posture, pay attention to the lifting of the hips and the landing of the chin.

The official account of yoga 19.

Supine angle supine with knees apart and palms facing up.

Beginners put bricks and pillows 20 Eagle beginners simply wrap their hands and put their feet on the ground 21 Twist the magic chair, you can choose to put your hands together or hold your hands on the ground 22 Junior boat practitioners can choose to bend their knees, hold their knees or support the ground with both hands The wind dispelling nose looks for the knee, or put the head on the ground 24 One legged pigeon king style, both hands can support the ground in front, or pad bricks 25 under the hips Camel beginners put their hands on their hips or toes, step on the ground, and put their hands on their heels.

It is most important for beginners to find comfort and stability and awareness of the body in simple yoga poses.

Make it as simple as possible!..

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