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After 5 a.m., the sky began to show a touch of light.

I sat at the head of the bed and looked at her.

The clouds were slowly dizzy.

The morning meditation starts at 6 o’clock.

Everyone has entered the classroom and waited for the OM sound.

The birds in the sky should be the first to wake up.

The cuckoo sound makes that moment full of vitality.

There are other birds singing together or communicating to start the day’s work.

The sound of broom sweeping the floor is uploaded from the ground.

People clean the road on time every day, bringing a new look to this open space.

Can I say thank you for this meditation experience? Sometimes it heals in meditation, and sometimes it opens up new perceptions in meditation.

Sometimes it is a long lost healing of childhood memory, sometimes it is a healing of adulthood, sometimes it is a deeper crossing of the current topic, which seems to untie the bondage of thought to the past.

At about 6:20, we started singing.

I wonder if my neighbor is disturbed.

I hope the sound of singing can make you sleep safely.

At 7:30, the split class began, opening our body channels in one breath and one breath, allowing the breath to enter our body freely and deeply.

The Sun Salutation exercises let us stretch and warm up.

The twelve pose exercises let us focus on ourselves, focus on one point, and experience the muscle extension and contraction brought by breathing in relaxation.

Even in difficult movements, please remember to relax yourself.

It seems to be used in life.

When we encounter difficulties, please let yourself relax to spend this time.

Swami introduced that exercise can bring physical healing.

Yes, proper exercise, proper breathing and proper relaxation can open a new cycle and metabolism for our body.

I also hope I can continue this kind of exercise and exercise consciously.

Myheartalwaysopen, our hearts are always open.

Why not let our hearts also open to the infinite universe? There are many wonderful reasons for us to get together in such a classroom, so that the incomprehensibility of our family can not stop us from studying here.

If you ask me where I want to go, my heart will tell me the answer.

I find the direction of my heart to come here, and then find the direction of my heart to go to the place I want to arrive.

There is no barrier in front of pure love.

When you reach that place, you are connected with the truth in the universe, and the part of the ego is behind the scenes.

May you be equally valued when you are needed.

Attention comes from a warm sight and deep connection.

Such feedback will be passed here forever.

Salute the endless love, the endless connection, and the endless energy..

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