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Is it true that Indian yoga master Arjun and Indian ancient Dharma Yoga

In middle age, you have to ask who I want to live like? That’s Lizzy.

She turned the tide and was gorgeous for the rest of her life.

Origin: the family is in decline.

She amazed the Hong Kong entertainment circle with her appearance and cut off TVB with her acting skills.

She is known as “after Lizi, there is no Zhao Min again.” Career: my brother was in a car accident.

She withdrew from the circle to save his company and went public successfully.

Now she is a female president valued at 1 billion.

Feelings: it is controversial to marry a “disabled” husband, but her husband loves her as much as his life.

He has never had an affair for 11 years, and his eyebrows and eyes are full of smiles.

The figure and appearance can play as always.

This year is nearly 50 years old, but she doesn’t feel relaxed and fat after “retirement”.

This slim and straight posture, this gentle and amiable smile, who doesn’t want it! Her maintenance is very common – Yoga.

But what’s unusual is that she invited a private teacher or an Indian private teacher! With the blessing of professional teachers, she learned the original yoga.

Her shoulder, back and arm lines were very charming, and her tight nerves were greatly relaxed.

What is the difference between Indians and Indians? Famous singer Cai Jianya gave the answer with her experience.

Putting down music at the bottom of her career, she went to India, the birthplace of yoga, to learn yoga with a 95 year old Indian master.

She said: “in the process of practicing with the master, I feel the integration of body and mind, which brings me an attitude towards life.

More importantly, this state will affect my attitude towards music.” When she resumed her creation, the red high heels, which was popular all over the country, was born.

Indian yoga masters pay attention to the cultivation of body and mind, continue the original heart of yoga, and do not fall behind in the cultivation of heart and health.

However, domestic Yoga institutions only focus on the publicity of “Yoga weight loss and beauty”, attracting people’s attention with exaggerated effects.

Make a decision.

This is why today, when yoga can be learned everywhere, a large number of coaches and even celebrities still go to India to learn yoga.

For this reason, I strongly recommend this Indian Yoga Master – Arjun.

Arjun is an international Yoga champion who has taught authentic yoga in China for 9 years.

Arjun Himalayan international Yoga champion, Indian national treasure yoga master hrnagendra’s own disciple, master of medicine and Yoga of Bixi Yoga University in India, why recommend Arjun? His title is not only professional and authoritative, but also because he and the people around him have changed greatly due to yoga.

In the 28 years of yoga, he has changed from a weak and introverted child to a healthy and cheerful handsome boy.

He began to study yoga at the age of 9 to heal his body and mind.

India’s national treasure master accepted him as a disciple.

Arjun was born in a poor family in India and his father left early.

At the age of 9, little Arjun made up his mind: I want to learn yoga and protect the health of the whole family! As a minor, he has mastered hatha yoga, Ashtanga, Mandala yoga, Ayurveda and almost all yoga genres.

To her mother’s satisfaction, Arjun changed 180 degrees from inside to outside because of yoga.

Physically, yoga asana has the effect of strengthening the body.

Al Jun not only corrected his hunchback habit, improved his allergic constitution, but also grew into a strong and healthy handsome boy.

Psychologically, after his father died, little aljun became sensitive and inferior.

He became aware of himself in yoga, relaxed and happy, and gradually became calm and confident.

His brothers often asked him to be a spiritual mentor.

In the process of enjoying yoga practice, just immerse yourself in the current one move, one breath and one breath, and enjoy the gradual healing of body and mind.

▲ al Jun was immersed in yoga practice.

At the age of 20, Al Jun tried his best to enter the chaxi Yoga University in India, which can be called Cambridge in the field of yoga.

Discrimination of joy is to Indian yoga as Confucius is to Chinese Confucianism.

▲ Bianxi University ▲ in the University, Al Jun moved the national treasure master Nagendra with his extraordinary Yoga ability and sincerity, and the master taught him what he had learned all his life.

Nagendra is India’s national treasure yogi, who knows the way of yoga.

▲ Arjun and guru Nagendra followed the master.

Arjun not only contacted the ancient and scientific Yoga system, but also had the opportunity to participate in international Yoga competitions.

During the University, he won the champion of the international Himalayan Yoga competition and became famous in one fell swoop.

▲ first place in Himalayan international Yoga competition? Become beautiful? Treatment? The benefits of yoga to you are not limited to this.

Indian yoga, which has been tested for 5000 years, Arjun believes that it should not be the patent of young people, but should be suitable for young and old people.

In 2009, his graduation thesis concluded the relationship between yoga and memory, which shocked many yoga professionals.

He believes that yoga is the best gift for children.

Those who devote themselves and concentrate in the process of yoga practice and immerse themselves in it from an early age will naturally breed a stable and focused way of doing things.

The latest research in the United States coincides with Al Jun.

people who often practice yoga (especially the middle-aged and elderly) have better memory.

▲ Ying caier takes Jasper to practice yoga, which is also a secret collection for the health and happiness of the elderly.

With age, the risk of disease increases physically, muscles become stiff, and joints may lose range of motion.

Emotionally and psychologically, the elderly have a higher rate of depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, practicing yoga in old age can not only strengthen the limbs and promote blood circulation, but also regulate the state of mind, help sleep and calm the mind.

It is yoga that has benefits for men, women, young and old.

In 2014, the United Nations established June 21 as the international yoga festival.

Without going abroad, follow master al Jun ↓ learn authentic yoga and heal your body and mind ↓ identify the QR code below and learn to be a natural beauty.

CCTV invited him to China twice.

He taught authentic Yoga all over the world.

Al Jun’s teaching scope covers more than 20 countries such as China, the United States and Australia..

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