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Many people have made mistakes in the details of yoga “Warrior II”, especially pay attention to it!

Please click on the above} for free to pay attention to the Warrior II, which is a posture of strength and balance.

The distance between the feet depends on the flexibility and strength of the individual, as well as the length and endurance of the legs.

Don’t force yourself.

If you have heart or blood circulation problems such as high blood pressure, you can’t lift your crotch with both hands.

While cultivating strong and flexible legs and hip joints, the warrior’s second move can stretch the muscles inside the thigh, tighten the leg muscles and hip muscles, and sculpt a beautiful body.

Next, let’s break down the second warrior pose in detail: – step 1 – open your feet and hold your hands flat on your side.

As mentioned earlier, the distance between your feet depends on your flexibility and strength, as well as the length and endurance of your legs – step 2 – many people will make mistakes in this step.

On the left of the figure below is a wrong demonstration, with your knees buckled inside; The right figure below shows the correct demonstration, with the knee facing forward and the ankle aligned.

First, hold your hips with both hands, with your right foot facing forward, bend your right knee, align your right knee with your ankle, and put your hands in the position of your groin.

Guide your thigh bones to rotate outward.

The root of your front thigh should be retracted backward, your hips should sink, and your legs should be strong.

In order to protect your knees – step 3 – finally, open your hands, raise your hands horizontally, palm down, and pay attention to the sinking of your shoulders, Don’t stretch your elbow too far.

Many students will lose the strength of their right leg and the outside of their feet will be off the ground.

In order to let the back foot land, you can practice the outside of the back foot against the wall and push the wall with your palm to find the strength of the rear leg.

Warrior II can well open the hip and use both legs to make active efforts to open the hip and stabilize the hip at the same time.

Check the alignment of hips, feet, ankles and knees, be aware of the body, find the alignment, and use assistive devices when necessary.

Don’t compare with others, explore the feeling in asana.

This is an exercise, not perfect.

Only by practicing the positive position can we be safe and benefit from the asana…

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