The louder the footsteps, the easier it is to cause obesity in the lower body! Japanese yogi: walking also needs core strength

Some people walk very loudly and hear the sound of their shoes dragging forward before they see anyone.

Japanese yoga teachers share that in fact, such dragging pace is likely to be the cause of obesity after work.

Correct walking should also maintain core strength, which can not only eliminate abdominal distension and lose weight, but also make your feet more beautiful.

When walking with only “leg muscles”, the footsteps are loud.

Have you ever noticed whether you always bang when walking and climbing stairs! Bang! A loud voice.

In fact, the walking posture will determine people’s posture.

The wrong walking posture will make people’s legs thicker and edema.

One of the judgment methods may be seen from the sound of footsteps.

Mori Heshi, a well-known yoga teacher in Japan, further explained: “if you only use the leg muscles instead of the trunk (body core), you will hear a loud sound of footsteps.” In a broad sense, “core muscle group” refers to the muscle group surrounding the central spine of the human body, such as shoulder, chest, abdominal, gluteal and thigh.

No matter what kind of action you do, even if you just bend down and pick up things, you can use the core muscle group to achieve it.

Mori Heshi said: “if you don’t use the core strength, but only use your limbs to work, it is easy to lead to excessive muscle use, and pain will occur when you accumulate too much fatigue.” The core muscle group also helps to reduce the burden on the joints.

In other words, when the core muscle group is used to work, it can reduce the pressure on the lower body muscles, prevent the fatigue and swelling of the lower body, and reduce the burden on the joints.

It is not only more convenient to move, but also has healthy and lightweight legs.

Therefore, the correct way of walking is more important.

Shinbao Taixiu, President of Japan’s Youzu treatment hospital, has also long been concerned about how to walk correctly.

He said: “just changing the walking method, some patients lost 5kg in one month, the orange peel tissue disappeared, the constipation improved and the edema disappeared.” Three key points: use core strength to walk 1 When walking, your feet should not merge, but should be slightly wider.

The body is straight, the abdomen is adducted, and the hips are upright.


Pay attention to the direction of the toes, because the outer eight or inner eight can easily lead to the deflection of the knee, hip joint and bone disc, and even the posture of the whole person will be affected.


After stepping on the ground, the center of gravity should move to the front foot.

At this time, the upper body is in line with the ankles and knees.

At the beginning of adjusting the posture, the walking speed can be slow.

After each step, the foot is stretching the back foot root, which helps to stimulate the intestine and improve constipation.

The wrong posture is easy to get rid of other diseases.

Hunchback, round shoulder, shrugging, sour waist, pelvic deflection when walking are all wrong postures.

However, because the walking habits are accumulated for a long time, it is really not easy to change them in a short time.

You can walk 500 steps a day through practice and walk better and better with the correct posture.

However, if the muscle strength of the core muscle group is not enough, the body will appear unstable and feel that it will fall at any time.

At ordinary times, the core muscle group can also be trained through other sports.

Through training, we can maintain a steady gait and prevent falls.

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