[price list of Puning gymnasium] Yoga wild style, which is often practiced with open chest and beautiful back, makes you more beautiful as

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Puning gym monthly card Puning fitness, Puning where there is a gym, Tianshan fitness office card price Puning gym, Puning gym how much is a month, Puning gym price list Puning gym monthly card # store environment shows where there is a gym in Puning quicksand, Puning Tianshan fitness, Puning gym wechat Puning gym price list # wild style is not only a highly ornamental style, Often practicing wild pose can not only open the chest, but also effectively reduce back fat! Wild pose can exercise arms, legs, core strength, and flexibility of shoulders, backs and hips; It is also one of the more common yoga postures in flow yoga and inner flow.

Completing the wild pose gracefully and effortlessly will certainly improve your yoga practice by several levels.

Puning gym price list, so how can we practice the beautiful wild style? Today’s Xiaobian brings you a way to enter the wild style, which can be put into the arrangement of flow yoga.

The first step of the wild entry method: the price list of Puning gym enters the dog from the inclined plate, keep the toes on the ground, lower the hips and extend the spine.

The second step: the price list of Puning gym bends the right knee, the heel is close to the hips, and then turns the outside of the left foot to land.

The right foot steps backward, the left hand supports the ground, the hips are lowered, and the right hand comes to the chest.

The third step: use the strength of arms and legs to raise the hips and keep the palm of the left foot on the ground, Right foot toe stepping on the Puning gym price table to see extension, see the left hand, the official account of Yoga fourth steps: turn head to the ground, slowly extend the right hand until the right fingertips gently point to maintain 5 times breathing, then go back to the lower dog rest, stretch lumbar fitness exercise in Puning price exercise tips first, when the body reverses, feel the abdomen facing the ceiling feeling.

Within the allowable range of the body, lift the abdomen up as much as possible.

The higher you lift, the greater the angle of back bending.

Second, due to the single arm support, there are high requirements for the function of shoulder and back muscles supporting the arm, and some students will shake.

Third, if you want to increase the difficulty, you can try to point the toes of your knees to the ground.

Wild pose can exercise strength and flexibility well.

When wild pose is done well, wheel pose will also improve.

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