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Summer Yoga: when summer comes, what about protruding lower abdomen? These 9 Yoga variants are designed to slim the lower abdomen!

Learn more yoga! When summer comes, people begin to change into sports equipment such as short sleeves and vests, but it’s not so friendly for people with swimming circles on the abdomen and protruding lower abdomen! Today, I’ll share 9 yoga movements & variants, which are specially for people with protruding lower abdomen.

Quickly collect them and practice more! Action 1, action 2, action 3, action 4, action 5, action 6, action 7, action 8, action 9, withdraw from the previous action and return to the worship adjustment for 3-5 minutes.

If you want to get a good figure, you must pay a lot of sweat behind your back! Keep practicing, and the good figure you want will always come!..

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