The transformation brought by yoga makes you more like yourself

What if life is practice and words are prayers? What if the temple is the earth, the forest is the church, and the holy water is the river? What if meditation is the relationship between us, the teacher is life, wisdom is self cognition, and love is the core of our existence—— Ganga White’s early Hatha yogis found that while opening the door of consciousness, the awakening fresh energy in the body will bring them a full sense of happiness and integrity.

But in fact, our human development trend is to separate the trunk, breath and thought.

Therefore, when we are divorced from the essence of being as a whole, this division will bring us pain.

This sense of alienation is manifested in stress, confusion, disease and despair.

Yoga will provide us with a series of tools to untie the knot that binds us to this sense of self limitation.

Joel Kramer (1980) said, “let you love more deeply.

It includes honing and refining to release your true essence, just as a sculptor shows the formal beauty of a stone by slowly and carefully chiseling out the rest of the stone.” With their own inspiration, wisdom, skills, patience and creativity, lead to feel yoga, self exploration and creation.

Create a yoga space for you to feel more full.


Floor: stable and smooth plane.


Walls: no obstructions.


Air: it depends on the practice, and some exercises can circulate air.


Lighting: natural light irradiation, soft and mindfulness practice can increase candlelight, etc.


Music: according to the practice theme.


Aroma: it depends on the exercise theme.


Accessories: Yoga blanket, yoga brick, pillow, etc.

May you enjoy yoga with yourself.


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