The wall is the best friend of yoga practice. It can deepen the twist, stretch and exercise the core and foundation!

You don’t know yet? Wall is the best friend of yoga practice! You can not only do many inverted three-dimensional poses against the wall, but also deepen the torsion and stretching, and exercise the core and foundation! Today, I will introduce 8 yoga postures against the wall, which will take you to feel the stability and depth of the postures and the more stable foundation! 1.

Standing forward bending do you think your standing forward bending has reached the limit? Try standing with your hips against the wall and bending forward.

You’re sure to find a new world· Stand with your back to the wall, fold down, open your feet hip width, and bend your knees slightly· Keep your hips against the wall, step firmly on the inside of your feet, lift your sitting bones and straighten your legs· To deepen, keep your heels against the wall.


The combination of twisting hand grasping big toe lifting balance and twisting requires the extension of the back of the thigh.

Stabilize the upper leg on the wall to let the pose go deeper· Stand facing the wall, one leg away· Put your hands on your hips, bend your knees, and step on the wall with your right foot as high as your hip· Slowly straighten your legs, inhale and extend your hands upward· Exhale, twist your right hand back and extend your left hand towards the wall· Keep the right hip down, extend the spine, and twist from the abdomen.


The half moon twist is similar to the previous pose, which can deepen the twist and stabilize the foundation· Stand with your back to the wall, one leg away· Fold down, hold the brick with your left hand, straighten your left leg back and step on the wall· Inhale, twist back, right hand up, look up.


Arthurian pose this pose stretches the front thighs and groin very strongly· Back to the wall, step on the ground with your right foot and your knee directly above your ankle· Place your left knee on the blanket, with your knee, calf and instep against the wall· Put your hands above your right knee.


The side inclined plate variant can bring you a stable foundation and upward force by putting your feet against the wall.

If you can’t do this pose at ordinary times, maybe you can do it by leaning against the wall today· First do the inclined plate, and the heels of both feet are close to the wall· Raise your right leg up, bend back, and hold the back of your right foot with your right hand· Keep your body stable, lift your left hip up and open your chest.


L-handstand can not only find the foundation of the hand, but also activate the abdominal core· First come to the downward dog pose, with your heels against the wall· Then walk your feet up slowly to the same height as your hips· Try to lift one leg off the wall, relax your head and look at the wall.


God Monkey Style: stepping on the wall with your back foot can give you strength to move forward.

Putting your front heel on the blanket can make it slide forward better· As shown in the figure, the left foot steps on the wall, and the knee falls to the ground and bends· Straighten your right leg forward and hook the soles of your feet back· Put your hands on both sides of your right leg and extend your back.


Does King Cobra want to touch your head with your toes? Start with this reinforced back bend· Lie down, open your knees and touch the root of the wall, stick your legs to the wall and touch your big toes· Hold your hands on both sides of your ribs and inhale as if you were in dog pose· Raise your chest, rotate your shoulders back and sink, look at the top.

Keep practicing, not only can stabilize the foundation, but also the whole body can get a strong stretch! Try it right away! The pictures and texts come from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

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