Yoga makes the body balance, heart balance, comfort and stability from inside to outside

Yoga posture is not the goal.

Becoming flexible is not the goal, handstand is not the goal, and the goal is calm and balance.

When you balance perfectly in the tree, everything is easy; Your breathing is deep and relaxed, and your muscles will work for you at will.

Your breath is relaxed, and your body works in harmony with your mind; Everything feels easier because you are in balance.

Yoga is not about practicing specific poses.

It’s about what your body learned and what you gained in the whole process.

No matter where one is, or in what state of life, one must find a balance.

Balance is the present state – here and now.

Yoga teaches me to be patient and practice constantly.

When the body learns to maintain the right balance, the mind also learns to stay calm in the most uncomfortable position and keep breathing constant.

Yoga means “union”.

It is often interpreted as the combination of mind, body and soul, which can provide perfect harmony and balance.

Yoga cultivates the method of maintaining a balanced attitude in daily life and endows individuals with the skills of action.

Yoga brings you closer to your true nature.

Yoga can help you live in harmony with nature.

Peace is our nature.

Yoga will lead you to inner peace.

We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves.

Even in a disaster, we can keep calm and make others more calm through our calm.

Tranquility is contagious.

Yoga is about clearing everything inside us that prevents us from living in the most complete way.

Through yoga, we will realize how and where we are limited – body, mind and mind – and how to gradually open and release these obstacles.

When these obstacles are cleared, our energy is released.

Change is not only inevitable, but always happening.

When you really accept this changing concept, the only thing left is to grow, separate, venture inward and find the source – you keep your feet on the ground in your changing life.

Real yoga is not about the shape of your body, but about the shape of your life.

Yoga doesn’t care what you used to be; Yoga is about who you are becoming…

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