Yoga mushroom cool tells you how much potential the body has!

Add teacher wechat to watch the teacher’s circle of friends ~ “you don’t know you can be so good if you don’t practice yoga” Yoga inspirational post is coming again! The inspiration of Yoga people is to “keep practicing and make progress a little bit every day”.

Today, let’s take a look at the comparison of adelbridge yoga before and after ▼ the previous photo has made people feel confused and sharp, and the latter photo makes people feel perfect.

Not only the spine is more flexible, the hips and feet can also be lifted up and more feet can be caught, but the first step is to find space and comfort, and do the arm support posture without struggling Look calm.

From chin landing to chest landing, the legs can be more backward, making the difficult pose more elegant The change of handstand in spring, summer, autumn and winter with relaxed neck is more skillful and stable from season to season.

Adelbridge’s practice can make steady progress.

Thanks to correct practice, she often Po gives a comparison diagram between right and wrong to tell beginners the importance of correct practice (wrong on the left and right) Adellbridges said that not only do you have to be correct when the ordinary posture is comfortable for you, but you can make it more difficult for yourself.

For example, in the bridge, one leg instep is close to the ground, bend the back knee in the low lunge, bend the knee in the snake pose, and you can do handstand with your back against the wall.

More importantly, try handstand against the wall.

You can find more stability.

Practice, and you will find that the potential of your body is really great, more powerful than you think The elephant is more flexible and more intelligent than you think (did you find this picture is a one handed handstand?) Keep practicing.

This is the only answer.

Surrender to your body in practice.

Cultivate a flattering heart in practice.

Everything will come.

Don’t be limited by your mind.

Your body – leave a message with a prize – today’s topic: don’t be limited by your mind.

Talk about your experience.

Welcome to leave a message.

Before 12:00 on April 17, we will select the most lucky fans from the selected messages and send out a yoga blouse (multi-color option) as shown in the figure below.

For those who have won the prize in the past, the prize will be automatically postponed to the next Jiayou.

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