Yoga squat, the engine of youth energy, expert: squatting for 5 minutes is equal to walking for 1 hour

While talking, March is coming to an end.

In the past, we always shouted “don’t lose weight in March, April is sad”, but this year’s weight loss plan may run aground.

Although we can’t run wildly outdoors, we can still choose to exercise indoors.

For example, yoga is a very good aerobic exercise.

In yoga, there is a kind of “Yoga squat”, which is known as the engine of youth and vitality.

Well, here’s the problem.

Can you really squat down? Yoga, the engine of youth and vitality, yoga, as its name suggests, is different from our ordinary squat.

As far as this squat movement is concerned, it belongs to us Chinese people all over the world, who have inherent “talent”! On this topic, we have done popular science before.

However, the Yoga squat we want to talk about today is essentially different from the common “Asian squat”.

How to do yoga? First, open your feet in a figure eight shape, slightly wider than your shoulders, then put your hands together in front of your chest, put your elbows on the inside of your knees, keep your back straight, close your eyes and squat slowly to keep a steady breath.

Seemingly simple actions, miracles are difficult to achieve.

Why is Yoga squat called the engine of youth? In fact, whether Yoga squat or Asian squat, squat itself has certain fitness benefits: squat can exercise thigh, calf, abdomen and other muscles, move joints, relax muscles, improve balance and promote blood circulation.

Specifically, for example, it can enhance the flexibility of lower limb joints and delay the aging of joints.

This is crucial for the middle-aged and the elderly.

In addition, squatting can promote blood circulation and accelerate the flow of venous blood from the lower limbs to the heart.

Repeated squatting is like a “water pump”, which can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism and accelerate blood circulation, which is beneficial to all organs.

In addition, repeated squatting can not only mobilize the muscles of lower limbs, but also squeeze the abdominal fat and promote the combustion of abdominal fat.

It has a good fat burning effect on abdominal obesity, can also accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption, and prevent constipation.

Some experts believe that if you can squat leisurely for 5 minutes every day, the amount of exercise is equivalent to walking for 1 hour.

This kind of exercise can be carried out at home.

It is a real time-saving and labor-saving aerobic exercise.

I’m the king of medicine, but the epidemic is not over.

On days when I can’t go out, I might as well do yoga squats at home.

Really not.

Normal squatting is also OK.

Let’s act quickly.

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