Yoga — the best artifact of frozen age

People who pay attention to yoga either in yoga or in yoga have heard this sentence: “when you start practicing yoga, your age will be fixed at that time.” Yoga is the healthiest, most thorough and most nourishing beauty.

When you twist your body, venous blood is squeezed out of various organs; When relaxed, fresh arterial blood flows back to various organs; During handstand, the blood of lower limbs flows back to the heart to nourish the head and face; When stretching muscles, the lymphatic circulation is promoted…

After a yoga class, your body completes the removal of cellular waste, eliminates toxins, self massage and nourishes internal organs.

The uterus, ovaries and other sexual organs get sufficient nutrition due to good blood circulation, and maintain a considerable level of estrogen secretion in the body, which makes the skin delicate, ruddy and shiny, and delays aging, which can not be achieved in beauty salons! Yoga – the best plastic knife.

The most frequently asked question about yoga is: “can yoga lose weight?”.

The answer is “of course!”, But not the calories burned through yoga poses.

The real function of yoga is: control and shaping.

Long term practice of yoga can give you the ability to “control your body” and turn you from a slave to a master of your body.

Moreover, yoga can solve your deeper dietary problems mentally and emotionally.

When you control your diet, if you want your body to be thin, it will be thin.

The principle of Yoga weight loss and shaping is completely different from that of strength training: explosive strength training such as running and cycling can achieve the effect of weight loss by consuming calories in the body.

Yoga stretches, stretches and relaxes muscles through many stretching and twisting movements, so that the muscles of arms, waist, legs and hips slowly become slender and slender, so as to carve out tight and soft body lines.

Yoga – brings joy.

Yoga is like a candy, which makes life taste sweet easily.

Long term practice of yoga can make you more optimistic and positive, make people have a stronger sense of happiness and resist depression.

Practicing yoga can stimulate GABA to calm the brain and reduce stress; In addition, Yoga also stimulates your brain to produce serotonin, a messenger that can produce pleasant emotions.

Interestingly, women’s brains synthesize serotonin at only half the rate of men, which may help explain why women are prone to depression.

Yoga – the essence of yoga is to help you sleep, regulate your breath, meditate and rest.

The fast-paced urban life brings people negative effects such as mental tension, emotional irritability and thinking disorder, which affects their health and sleep quality.

The basic requirements of yoga practice are natural breathing, physical and mental relaxation, no impatience, slow and light spirit.

In this way, yoga asana practice not only has the effect of fitness, but also has the function of releasing pressure, balancing mentality and self-cultivation.

Yoga’s breathing, meditation and rest techniques can eliminate insomnia caused by tension and anxiety, so that you can have better sleep, maintain sound spirit and vigorous vitality.

Yoga – cultivate temperament.

There are thousands of Goddess images in the world.

I personally believe that the gap between goddess and beauty lies in wisdom and temperament.

People who can raise flowers know that raising flowers is actually raising roots; People who can raise fish know that raising fish is actually raising water; People who know Yoga know that yoga is actually nourishing the heart.

When you practice yoga for a period of time, you will have a higher degree of awareness – the observation of your own emotions.

Through the practice of self reflection, one will see the world that others can’t see or can’t see, and one will also have the wisdom of tolerance and patience for others: don’t despise every broken heart in the struggle of life, don’t exaggerate the injury of one’s own life imagination, and understand every struggling life.

Goddess temperament is just a woman.

She has seen all kinds of flashiness, knows what she wants, understands her limitations, can well control her emotions, and gives people a gentle, light, quiet and elegant feeling, which is pleasing to the eyes.

By practicing yoga, you can arouse beautiful emotions in people’s mind and show them in your gestures.

Many people will tell you what yoga is and the benefits of practicing yoga.

Do you think it’s too mysterious? No one can prove it to you.

The only way is to start first, and then you will see that time and choice will prove everything, Namaste- Today’s topic: yoga, the best frozen age artifact! Tell me about your experience ~ welcome to leave a message.

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