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51 years old, 18-year-old figure, Chinese Yoga sister is known as “the world’s youngest spicy mother”!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! What kind of life should it be to keep exercising for 21 years? ☟ her name is Ye Wen (Liu Yelin).

She has been exercising and practicing yoga since she was 30, and now she is 51.

In the past 21 years, she has insisted on exercising and becoming beautiful in rain and wind.

It’s never too late to close her eyes and think about what you would be doing when you were 51? Take your grandson or go to the square dance? Ye man’s answer to this question is to be a fitness expert who loves yoga.

She is full of vitality and enchanting posture.

She doesn’t seem to feel 51 years old at all.

Maybe she is too “tossing” in the eyes of many people, not like what the 51 year old does, but she never thinks she is “tossing” blindly, let alone that she is old at the age of 51, She said: everyone has the right and potential to become beautiful.

We should never live a life bound by people’s eyes, nor a day of carefully weighing the pros and cons.

What we want is the bravest try, perfect ourselves and be the most satisfied ourselves.

Even from a librarian to one of China’s top ten fitness figures in 2017, only by taking practical actions can she live a life of inspirational yoga and sports, making her completely inverse growth and hot figure like a girl.

The fitness spirit is spread at home and abroad.

The daily mail of the UK has made an exclusive interview for her, which has been praised by many foreign women.

She talked about her secret of keeping young: keep exercising for 20 years! While attracting global attention, ye man still insists on practicing yoga and shares his yoga knowledge and experience on Weibo.

No matter there is no impetuous in spring, summer, autumn and winter, Yoga not only gives her perfect posture and confident attitude, but also makes her life different from others.

She said: beauty is never too late.

80 years old is the fourth 20 years old.

Make efforts and persistence to the extreme.

These two photos are when she was 15 and 50 years old respectively.

She personally proved that every drop of sweat you shed is a bullet against aging! Only by managing your body and appearance can you manage your life! When you make up your mind, it’s never too late to start.

Give up can find 10000 reasons, adhere to only one faith.

Perfect body is never easy to achieve overnight.

It can only be obtained by persistent efforts overnight.

When you stick to a certain point, you will have light.

For example, after the age of 45, Yan Ni, who insists on sports to lose 30 kg and has clear clavicle and kyphosis, will eventually grow old, but we should believe that beauty can “die”.

After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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