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8 Yoga variants, tighten muscles, perfect shaping!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! There are many kinds of Yoga asanas.

The forward bending posture can help stretch the back of the body, the backward bending posture can help open the front of the body, and the squatting posture can help strengthen the strength of the hips and legs.

In yoga practice, we just want to combine these asanas, give full play to the greatest effect of yoga practice, and help us shape a perfect body! Today, Xiaobian shares 8 Yoga variants.

Practice regularly, tighten muscles, and let you reshape your perfect body! 01 kneel on your knees, inhale with your knees separated and shoulder width apart, lift your arms up and flat, tighten your core, tighten your ribs and gluteal muscles, and breathe for 5-8 times.

02 exhale in the preparation position of action 01, tighten your core, lean back, pay attention to the inner and front thigh muscles to activate the core, tighten your gluteal muscles, and breathe for 5-8 times.

03 inhale, bend your left leg to the front and rear legs in a lunge squat position, and exhale with your hands in a flat front lift position, Tighten the core, stay for 5-8 breaths, change to the other side 04 enter the warrior three variant left leg to support the ground, slightly bend the hip, bend the knee to exhale, tighten the core, move the body forward with both hands backward, bend the knee backward with the right leg to stay for 5-8 breaths, change to the other side 05 legs to land, enter the standing and bend the core forward to tighten, slightly bend the knees of both legs to cooperate with breathing, stay for 3-5 breaths 06 legs retreat, enter the inclined plate, and pay attention to the shoulder alignment with the wrist core, gluteal muscles Tighten the shoulders and back, stay for 3-5 breaths, 07 exhale, tighten the core, hold the right hand on the ground, inhale sideways on the right side, straighten the left hand upward, lift the right hip up and stay for 3-5 breaths, change the other side 08 from the side plate to the inclined plate and enter the downward dog pose, stand with your feet crossed and exhale, find the right ankle to inhale and restore, exhale and change the other side for 5-8 dynamic exercises on each side.

The best choice is to strengthen strength exercises to increase muscle content, These 8 Yoga variants are very suitable! You can’t go until you’ve read everything 👍。.

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