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A set of yoga postures with flexible spine can effectively improve the posture, and the more you practice, the more temperament you have!

The spine is the pillar of life.

The spine plays a role in protecting the brain and body, supporting, protecting and connecting the nervous system.

With the change of people’s life and work behavior, scoliosis, high and low shoulders, hunchback, straightening cervical curvature, increasing lumbar curvature and so on are everywhere, and are increasingly developing in the direction of youth.

The main manifestations of spinal problems are back pain, shoulder and neck low back pain, sacroiliac joint pain and other symptoms.

It not only affects health, but also affects temperament.

Therefore, flexible spine is very important.

Today, I’d like to share with you 8 postures that can maintain your spine flexibly, so that you will become younger and younger as you practice! Action 1-2 Get ready to kneel at four corners and keep your instep on the ground Knees and hips are the same width, hands and shoulders and hips Inhale, lift the sciatic bone, expand the chest and raise your head The spine extends upward one section at a time Exhale, bow your head and arch your back, and look at your navel Dynamic exercise 5-8 groups of action 3 Prepare to lie on your stomach with your legs together and straight Support the cushion surface with both hands on both sides of the chest Inhale, push your hand to the ground, raise your head and lift your chest upward The shoulders are extended backward and sunk, and the shoulder blades are retracted Do not squeeze the waist, keep 5 breathing movements 4 Kneel and stand on the mat with the instep against the ground Keep your big toes close and your knees apart Inhale and extend the spine upward Exhale and lean forward and down Stretch your arms forward with your forehead on the ground Sit on your heels with your hips and keep 8 breathing movements 5 Action 4 enter, hook your toes back and lift your hips up Open your fingers, press down the tiger’s mouth, and straighten your arms Relax your neck and shoulders and expand your armpits Adduct the abdomen and push the sciatic bone to the highest point The thigh surface is tightened and lifted up, and the front side is pushed back Step down on the heel and keep breathing for 5-8 times 6 In action 5, the left leg is raised backward and upward Fall forward with the lower leg parallel to the short edge of the cushion surface Right leg, knee, instep on the ground, hip center If your hips are too tight, put a towel under your left hip Stretch your hands forward and lean forward and down Put your palms and forearms on the ground, and your forehead on the ground or on a brick Relax your shoulders and keep breathing for 5-8 times 7 Lie on your back with your knees bent close to your chest Bend your elbows and put your hands around the front of your knees Keep your knees as close to your chest as possible and your hips off the ground Keep your head and shoulders on the cushion Stretch and relax your neck and keep breathing for 5-8 times Lie on your back with your arms extended to your sides Bend your left knee with your thigh close to your abdomen Exhale, turn your left knee to the right, and put your right hand on your left knee Turn your head to look at your left hand and press your right shoulder down You can put a pillow under your left knee Keep 5-8 breaths and change the opposite side.

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