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Becoming a yoga teacher is far more difficult than you think!

Teachers, preach, teach and dispel doubts! Rumor has it that yoga teachers are well paid and free? Teach others and exercise yourself at the same time? It’s easy to be a teacher of academic subjects, very difficult to be a teacher of art subjects, and the most difficult to be a yoga teacher.

Because yoga teachers must evaluate themselves and revise their practice.

Yoga Art is a completely conscious and practical knowledge.

Yoga teachers must know all the functions of the body, understand the behavior of students, and know how to respond, help students and protect students at any time—— In fact, like other industries, yoga teachers also have their hard side.

Ordinary outsiders only see the bright side.

To give students a glass of water, first of all, you should have a bucket of water.

As a yoga teacher, you need to learn not only yoga postures, but also breathing, meditation, anatomy, etc.

in addition to these, you also need good observation ability, communication ability, demonstration ability, language ability and the most important self-learning ability.

It’s never easy to be an excellent yoga teacher.

“Teaching yoga” and “practicing yoga” are two different things.

Many people have misunderstandings about this.

They think that if I practice yoga well, I can teach well.

If so, many excellent yoga practitioners can become yoga teachers.

As yoga practitioners, I need to practice asanas and learn content.

The most basic needs of yoga teachers are to perceive asanas, decompose asanas, guide asanas, and demonstrate asanas while saying passwords.

Are you committed to daily self practice? Master Iyengar said, “if you want to be a good yoga teacher, you must be a good student first.

“A good yoga teacher must be a good yoga practitioner.

Every yoga teacher comes from students and needs a lot of practice and long-term practice, self digestion and learning before considering becoming a teacher.

When you can be a good student, you can become a good teacher who preaches, teaches and dispels doubts.

How much time can you spend on learning? Many things are difficult to stick to without real love , especially the profession of yoga teacher.

When you enter the profession, it is a protracted war.

As long as you are a yoga teacher, you must adhere to self-discipline and continuous learning.

Learning is more than just going to class.

Yoga teachers need to spend more time on Yoga than practitioners.

Maybe you will travel all the way to another city for a training.

Maybe you will experience lesson preparation and continue to demonstrate late into the night.

Maybe you will learn, review and practice a theoretical point Are you really ready to be a yoga teacher? Do you have a plan? Your goals and ideals? And what kind of yoga teacher do you want to be? Ask yourself more before you take action.

After many yoga practitioners become teachers, they know that the palms of their hands will be nervous and sweating when teaching the course.

It turns out that the simple password also needs the change of sound volume and tone.

The original course is generally arranged at the time of normal eating.

They are either in class or preparing lessons or going to the next yoga studio every day.

You will find that the time of self practice becomes so tense that the yoga teacher is more difficult than you think! So if you really have decided to be a yoga teacher, you need to face and learn more than that.

Living according to one’s heart is the happiest thing.

It’s better to teach people fish than to teach people fish.

I believe many yoga teachers really take this post just because of love.

Yoga not only makes us have a healthy body, but also makes our heart lighter and full of strength.

We can help our friends, family and even more people.

As a disseminator of yoga, the Tao is blocked and long, and it is sweet! This short life, we will eventually lose, you might as well be bold, love a person, climb a mountain, pursue a dream, turn your hobby into a career, and live according to your heart! Yoga is like love, accompanied by a lifetime teacher.

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