Let go of your obsession and watch your yoga practice as a third party!

Have you ever practiced with emotion? Have you ever been anxious and blamed for not doing something? Or are you happy to do something? Is it because emotions limit physical possibilities? Or have you ever observed the thoughts that flash through your head during practice? Sometimes the idea is to think about where to eat next meal, sometimes the desire to do asana…

When you do a asana, do you focus on every part of your body? From finger tip to toe tip, from skin to muscle to bone…

If not, it’s better to watch your practice as a third party from the next practice.

Watch the thoughts flashed in your head during practice, the emotional response awakened during practice, the activation of each part of your body during practice, and the coordination of breathing and body during practice.

The moment you stand on the mat, put down all your thoughts; The moment you leave the mat, don’t judge the exercise you just completed.

There is no good practice, no bad practice, only practice.

Those who are in the game will see clearly.

From the perspective of a third party, you can have a panoramic view of your emotions, thoughts, body movement and breathing.

You can be more calm and have no persistence in asana.

The heart without obsession is open, and the body without obsession is free.

Practice asana is like this, so is life.

Put yourself in the posture of a third party, look at your emotions and thoughts, look at your suffering and luck, frankly accept what happened, and give your heart more freedom.

You will find that life is like opening a door with unlimited possibilities.

No good practice, no bad practice, only practice..

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