Shanghai yoga hall decoration design company [free quotation, free design]

Shanghai yoga studio decoration design company [free quotation, free design] our company specializes in 20 pieces, mainly undertaking new house decoration, second-hand house decoration, old house renovation, rental house decoration, group rental house, storefront, catering, entertainment and leisure club decoration, office building, plant decoration, villa transformation, courtyard rectification and other tooling and home decoration.

The decoration design service hotline is 13263206035 [scope of service] 1.

Home decoration Shop decoration and office decoration.


Second hand house simple decoration, kitchen and bathroom modification, professional second-hand house renovation, office decoration, wall painting, indoor wall painting, partition, waterproof indoor wall painting, partition removal, customized glass partition, water and electricity maintenance, ceiling, painting and putty Repair the wall, wall and floor tiles, paint the old door, level the ground, water and electricity transformation, bricklaying, plastering and wall and floor tiles.


Paint painting, wall renovation, crack repair.


Including door cover and window cover.

Floor laying, kitchen cabinet, hanging cabinet, floor cabinet, partition wall and ceiling modeling.


The kitchen and toilet are waterproof, and the installation process of waterway circuit is made.


Pave floor tiles, ceramic tiles and marble, build red brick walls, and transform kitchen and bathroom.


Rough room simple decoration Cut off Interior and exterior wall painting, ceiling partition and installation; Office space decoration: office building, office building, bank, office, conference room, training room, workshop, workshop, warehouse, school, etc.

Catering, entertainment and club decoration: cafes, restaurants, bars, KTVs, song and dance halls, bath centers, spa clubs, private clubs, gyms and other entertainment places.

Decoration of exhibition space: multi-functional exhibition hall, mobile phone store, automobile sales exhibition hall, jewelry store, sales department, boutique, wedding photo studio, etc.

Commercial space decoration: shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, beauty salons, chain stores, exclusive display stores, star hotels, hotels, restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, teahouses, etc.

[service advantage] the members of the team are more active, capable and respectable.

They have a fine tradition of hard work, hard work, plain living and self-discipline.

They never care about the dirty, tired, bitter and dangerous work.

Some of them just “cherish the trust and serve wholeheartedly”, people-oriented, committed to space humanized thinking, facing consumers at different levels, with novel design and high-quality materials, Fair price, reliable construction quality and perfect after-sales service to win good reputation and support from all walks of life.

Let you spend less money to do better things and save more than 30% of your expenses.

[service commitment] integrity and specificity, focus on communication, safe construction, customer-centered, service has no starting point, satisfaction has no end point, and work together to serve customers and achieve a win-win situation..

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