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Finally, I found the most suitable Yoga for beginners. Hurry up!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Just practicing yoga, the body is generally stiff.

It is suggested to practice more simple stretching to make the body soft and open slowly.

Today, choose 6 yoga moves, which are passive stretching exercises.

Gamma people can try it together.

Oh ~ passive stretching exercises need to be maintained for a long time.

It is recommended to maintain each pose for 2-3 minutes.


Easy sitting side stretch – stretch shoulder and neck ▪ Simply cross sit with your legs, knees sinking, your left hand on the left side and your right hand on your right knee ▪ Turn your head to the left and keep your chest upright.


Twist on your side – stretch your shoulders and spine ▪ Lie prone with your right hand straight to the right, palm facing down, and your left hand supporting the ground on the left ▪ Straighten the right leg and bend the left leg backward.


Dispel the wind – stretch the lower back and hips ▪ Lie on your back with your hips above the bricks and your right leg straight ▪ Pigeon pose – left thigh, half knee stretch, hands close to the outside of the chest ▪ Bend the right leg and keep the instep of the lower leg close to the ground ▪ Straighten your left leg, put your elbow on the ground, extend your chest 5, sit and bend forward – stretch the back of your thighs and back ▪ Sit on the blanket with your hips, legs straight and folded forward ▪ Hands on both sides of the legs, palms facing up 6.

Supine beam angle pose – stretch the front of the thighs, abdomen and chest ▪ Lower legs apart, knees together or hip width ▪ Lying on the pillow with the palm facing up, it is very necessary for beginners to practice and keep it for a long time.

If you don’t have these assistive devices, you can replace them with blankets and pillows at home.

After reading them, you can order them before you go 👍。.

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