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A set of morning yoga sequence to release pressure and start a new energy day!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Anyone who has ever done morning yoga knows that morning yoga can help dredge the meridians, open the body, make the body wake up quickly after a deep sleep, and open a day full of vitality and positive energy! Today, I recommend a set of morning yoga sequence.

The action is very simple, but it can stretch the whole body well, so that the body that sleeps all night can quickly recover energy.


Simple sitting and simple sitting, with a blanket under the hips, the spine is straight, the chest is extended, the shoulders sink and inhale, the hands are folded in front of the chest to maintain 3-5 breaths, and restore the cat cow four corner kneeling position.

The hands are directly below the shoulders, the knees are directly below the hips, the eyes look at the front, inhale and look up, Exhale from the sitting bone to the ceiling, arch your head and back, and look at the direction of the navel with your eyes to cooperate with breathing.

Extend the spine section by section for 3-5 times.

Restore the four corner kneeling posture.


Lower the dog’s four corner kneeling posture, hook your toes back and exhale, push your hands to the ground, lift the sitting bone up, push your thigh roots backward, straighten your legs, step on the ground, press the cushion surface with both hands, and stretch your armpits to maintain 3-5 breaths.


Prepare for one leg downward dog, press the cushion with both hands, and extend the spine, Lift the sitting bone high, push the thigh back and inhale, lift the right leg upward, bend the right knee, find the hip with the heel, keep 3-5 breaths, restore the dog down, and change the opposite side.


Enter in the horse riding downward dog style, lift the right leg forward, with the large and small legs 90 ° backward, the knee and instep close to the ground, draw in the outside of the ankle, drive the body upward with both hands, straighten the trunk and exhale, sink the hip, keep the shoulders away from the ears, and keep 3-5 breaths.

Change the opposite side to practice 6 The soldier enters from the horse riding posture in one form, the rear toe hooks back to inhale, kicks the right leg, stands straight up, the front big and small legs are 90 °, the knee is aligned with the rear thigh surface of the toe, tightens and lifts up, the heel pedals far to maintain 3-5 breaths, and changes the opposite side practice.


The soldier enters in the two forms of twisting the side angle, leans forward 45 ° to inhale, the spine extends, exhales, the body twists to the right, inhales, lifts the right hand upward, and the big arm sticks to the ear to exhale to deepen the torsion, Keep your shoulders away from your ears for 3-5 breaths and Practice on the opposite side.


Lie prone on the mat, put your hands on your chest, hook your toes back on both sides, exhale and push your hands to the ground.

Enter the inclined board, put your hands directly under your shoulders, tighten your core, lift your feet vertical to the ground, and push your heels to the distance.


Stand in the mountain style of tree style with the wind blowing, lift your big toes against your inhaled arms, lengthen your side waist, exhale, bend your body to the left, and sink your shoulders for 3-5 breaths, Change the opposite side to practice 10.

Stand in tree mountain style, hold the hip with both hands, move the center of gravity to the right foot, bend the left knee, abduct the knee, lift the left foot upward, put the heel against the root of the right thigh, inhale, lift the arm, exhale, sink the shoulder, and keep 3-5 breaths.

Change the opposite side to practice a beautiful day.

After watching yoga, you can go after watching it 👍。.

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