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How terrible is “Yoga compensation”?

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Some time ago, there were many articles in the circle of friends about how many Chinese women yoga has harmed.

The editors who published such articles wanted to win attention or alarmist.

I believe that wise people are free of people’s hearts.

In fact, no matter what exercise you do, you pay attention to scientific training methods and correct training methods.

Do you run with the wrong running posture and cause knee injury, so you don’t run? When you practice squatting, you obviously want to practice raising your hips, but you finally hurt your lumbar spine.

Is it strange? In the process of practicing yoga, we often hear the teacher say, “if you do this posture wrong, your body will compensate”.

What is the compensation? For example, when we practice standing forward flexion back extension, the effect of this pose is to stretch the muscle group at the back of the thigh, but many people arch their lower back due to the tension of the muscle at the back of the thigh, which not only can not stretch the back of the thigh, but also squeeze the lumbar spine.

If we compensate for it for a long time, it is likely to cause lumbar disc herniation! Do you say compensation is terrible? How to avoid it? It is important to pay attention to whether your foundation is upright and stable, whether the core is activated, whether the spine is extended, whether the rotation of the pelvis is correct, and whether the posture is beyond the control of the body.

Tips: small compensation won’t hurt you immediately, but you should learn to perceive and avoid.

The most important point is: you must not practice the posture you are not familiar with by yourself, but consult a professional teacher for help! What harm will compensation do? After long-term compensation, there will be injuries to the body, such as low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, or the thicker the shoulder and back.

This is how many people practice according to the video, practice their abdomen, but hurt their waist, practice their hips, but thicken their legs.

It’s not yoga that makes you hurt, but the wrong practice method makes you hurt.

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