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If you practice these 8 Yoga asanas well, the wheel pose is not difficult!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Urdhva dhanurasana is considered a more advanced posture because it is a full body stretch.

Can you complete it? ▽ wheeled effect: it requires not only the flexibility of your spine, but also the flexibility and strength of your wrists, arms, chest, shoulders, hips, abdomen and quadriceps.

Sounds like a lot? Don’t be afraid! The good news is that continuous exercise can improve your flexibility and strength.

You may force yourself into the first attempt with the brute force.

But brute force puts you at risk of injury.

The most important thing is to establish a lower back position that is beneficial to yourself.

The following postures and stretching movements can open and exercise your thighs, spine, shoulders and chest to help your body prepare for wheel pose: 1.

Stretch the quadriceps femoris in low lunge and exercise your thighs, groins, hips and knees in low lunge; It also stretches the hamstrings, limbs, waist and hips, relaxes the tension of the hips, opens space for the chest and shoulders, and cultivates balance and core consciousness – all important things that can help build a solid wheel movement.


Setu bandha Sarvangasana bridge constructs the core part and lower body strength, and prolongs and exercises the spine at the same time.

Improving the strength of your core, lower body and spine can help protect your waist and prevent weightlessness in wheeled posture.


Cobra pose: Cobra pose is a posture in which the body leans back to make an arch, stretching and exercising the muscles in the front of the trunk, arms and shoulders to increase the flexibility of the spine.

Cobra pose is considered to adjust the first stage of the bow posture of the upper body back.


Ustrasana camel is a powerful precursor stretching action, including thigh, groin and waist muscles, which can also exercise back muscles.

This position ensures that the front of the whole body is fully released.

Camel pose is considered the second stage of Cobra pose.

Gradually relax yourself to a proper backward bow position.


Dhanurasana arch can restore the flexibility of spine and reduce waist pain, release the tension of upper back and neck area, and relieve the tension and discomfort of legs at the same time.

Continuous practice can also help develop upper body strength.

Bow requires your body to be in a position similar to wheel, so the greater your strength and flexibility in completing this action, the easier it will be for you to complete wheel.


Adho Mukha Svanasana can exercise the upper body, arms, shoulders, chest and legs.

It also stretches the chest, shoulders, and entire back, including the ankles, lower legs, thighs, and spine.

Strength and flexibility can help you keep your waist safe when you lower down.


Ardha pincha Mayurasana dolphin can open the shoulders and upper back, extend the spine, stretch the hamstrings, and build the strength of the core and upper limbs.


Wall stretching wall stretching helps you stretch your arms by stretching the key muscles of your shoulders, upper back and arms.

This stretch also stretches your arm while keeping the arm bones turning outward, which is important for wheeled.

Have you finished your wheel backward bending exercise? Do you feel very comfortable? Especially when you sit at your desk or in your car every day? How do these poses help you complete the wheel? After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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