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Is it boring to stay at home? Come and practice yoga, it can also enhance immunity!

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Today, I’ll share a yoga sequence to help you dredge your muscles and bones, enhance your immunity and help you better resist the virus! 1.

Squat sitting squat standing, with feet as wide as hips, toes outstretched and inhaled, hands folded in front of chest, elbows and knees against each other, exhale, hips sitting down backward, shoulders relaxed, maintain 5-8 breaths, restore 2.

Stand in front of the mountain bending standing, with feet as wide as hips, inhale and extend the spine, fold the groin with fingers clasped at the back of both hands, bend down the arms away from the back, naturally relax the head, keep 5-8 breaths downward, and slowly restore standing 3 The soldier stands in a mountain style, with his feet slightly longer than one leg, turns his feet to the right, slightly buckles his left foot, inhales and extends his spine, raises his arms above his head, exhales, bends his right knee downward, straightens his large and small legs vertically behind, lifts his thighs up, maintains 5-8 breaths, and repeats on the opposite side.


Cat cow four corner kneeling posture, with his knees as wide as his hips, his hands directly below his shoulders, compresses his mouth, inhales, raises his head and collapses his waist, rotates his pelvis, exhales upward, lowers his head and arches his back, Roll the tailbone down, pay attention to the controlled rolling of the spine section by section to cooperate with breathing, and practice dynamically in groups 8-10.


The inclined plate type hands are directly below the shoulders, separated by the same width as the shoulders, withdraw the feet backward, the feet close together, the soles of the feet are perpendicular to the ground, the spine extends, the abdomen retracts, the shoulders relax, the body is in a straight line, and maintain 5-8 breaths.


The downward dog type is from the inclined plate type, push the hands to the ground, the sitting bones extend back to the upper back, and the thigh roots push back, Enter the downward dog pose with the soles of the feet on the ground, keep 5-8 breaths in the direction of the navel with the eyes.


Sit in a sitting position, twist the spine, straighten the right leg forward, bend the left knee, inhale, extend the spine upward, exhale, twist the left and right hands to the outside of the left knee, press the sitting bone evenly on the back of the left body, turn your head and look at the oblique back, relax your shoulders, keep 5-8 breaths, change the opposite side.


Kneel in camel pose, keep your knees the same width as your hips, and keep the instep of your lower leg close to the ground, Inhale vertically from the thigh to extend the spine, lift up the chest, expand the clavicle, exhale slowly and bend back, hold the heel neck backward in turn, extend the lumbar spine, and keep 5-8 breaths.


The hero bends and kneels forward, with the knees slightly larger than the hips, and the feet close together.

Sit on the heels, inhale and extend the spine, exhale and attach to the body downward, straighten the hands forward, and the fingertips drive the lateral waist to extend, and point the body on the forehead to relax and keep 5-8 breaths.

10 Lie on your back with your feet as wide as your hips, toes outstretched, hands on both sides of your body, palms facing up, completely relax your body, close your eyes, put aside distractions and keep it for 5-10 minutes.

You can cover the blanket to keep warm, keep exercising and improve your immunity.

Let’s go after watching it 👍。.

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