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Often do these Yoga actions to lose weight and keep healthy

Yoga is a very popular way to lose weight.

Practicing yoga often can not only regulate the body and mind, but also have a plastic effect.

So, what yoga actions can effectively lose weight? Let’s look down together! Breathing action take a deep breath for each action.

When inhaling, close your mouth and breathe only through your nose.

Imagine the gas entering your chest from your nose and pumping your stomach like a balloon.

Similarly, as you exhale, feel your stomach pulled toward your back bone by a force.

Relieve pain during menstruation by kneeling, knees on the ground, toes on the ground, hips as high as possible, thigh surface tightly supported, arms on the floor, extending forward, and forehead on the floor.

Move your right hand next to your left hand, and try to lower your shoulders and keep your abdomen close to your thigh.

The half fish king takes the mountain sitting as the starting position, with both feet straight forward.

Bend the left foot and place it on the outside of the right thigh next to the knee.

Bend your right foot so that your right ankle is next to your left hip.

Inhale and put your right hand on your left knee, turn your body above your abdomen to the left, look at your head to the left, and put your left hand on the left back of your body.

Maintain deep breathing for 10-15 times.

Then switch sides and repeat.

Lie on your back, hold your knees, lie on your back, put your feet together, lift your feet off the ground, raise your hips as high as possible, put your hands around your knees, and look at the ceiling.

Bridge supine, back on the ground, arms straight on the floor, feet separated by the same width as the hips, thigh face straight, slowly lift the hips off the ground, so that the body is in line and the eyes look at the ceiling.

Lie on your back in the wind.

Bend your knees to your chest, hold your legs with both hands and straighten your toes.

Put your weight on your back and press it on the ground.

Maintain the action and take 20 deep breaths.

Sit and bend your legs to inhale, lie flat on the floor, put your right foot above your left foot, lift your legs off the floor, put your hands around your knees, and raise your hips as high as possible so that your lower leg surface can be parallel to the floor.

Exhale, slowly sit up straight, straighten your back, and lift your feet a few centimeters away from the ground.

Hold your head in a sitting position, inhale, sit in a sitting position, bend your left leg, keep the sole of your left foot close to the inner side of the root of your right thigh, bend your right leg backward, straighten your arms on both sides of your hips, straighten your back, and open your shoulders backward.

Exhale, slowly raise your arms, hold your hands behind your head, hold your forearms tight, and lean your elbows to both sides.

Keep your arms up, your hips half width apart, and your feet on your back.

In the extended left leg kneeling position, the right leg is lifted straight off the floor and kept parallel to the floor, the right arm is stretched on the floor, the left arm is stretched straight to the front of the body, and the eyes are looking forward.

The cat kneels on the ground in a crawling shape with its legs and arms perpendicular to the ground.

Inhale, bend over and close your stomach.

Feel your stomach pulled up and look at your stomach.

Exhale, look up to the sky, and your stomach protrudes to the ground.

Repeat 10 times.

Sit in a cross position, twist the sitting position, put your legs across each other, inhale, straighten your arms on both sides of your hips, straighten your back, open your shoulders back, and look ahead.

Exhale, slowly twist your body to the right, and turn your left arm accordingly.

Straighten your left arm and place your left hand on the outside of your right knee.

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