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How does yoga relieve anxiety? 8 individual style makes you feel comfortable after practicing!

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Anxiety always creeps into people’s hearts quietly.

Research shows that yoga can help people relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

For half an hour a day, yoga people can make themselves happy.

Here are 8 poses to relieve anxiety.

When Yoga people feel that their emotional state is wrong, they can go to the yoga mat and focus on their breathing and physical feelings.

Please warm up before practice, such as group 5 Sun Salutation a.


Start the tree standing pose, shift the center of gravity to the left foot, slowly lift the right foot, step on the inner side of the left thigh, put both hands in front of the chest for prayer breathing, maintain the pose for 2 minutes, change sides 2.

Start the triangular standing pose, with both feet slightly wider than the hips, the left toe forward, the right toe slightly buckled, the left arm extended with the trunk, and then stretch the right arm downward to the sky for breathing, maintain the pose for 1 minute, change sides 3, Stand and bend forward, with feet as wide as hips, hands on hips, exhale, fold forward from hips, knees slightly bent, lower back, head and neck naturally drooping, breathe, and maintain posture for 1 minute 4.

Fish sit, legs extended forward, hands under hips, palms down, elbows inward, arms down and slightly retract chin, or head on Yoga brick to breathe, and maintain posture for 1 minute 5.

Dog enters table posture, Stretch your hands forward to activate the muscles of your arms, gently tap your forehead to open your chest, breathe, and maintain the pose for 2 minutes.


Baby kneeling position, with your knees slightly wider than your hips, exhale, bend forward, stretch your hands forward, tap your forehead, stretch your arms forward to breathe, and maintain the pose for 5 minutes.


Sit upright, bend your legs straight, bend your knees slightly, inhale, lift your arms to exhale, rotate your pelvis, bend your upper body forward, and breathe with your hands on your feet or on the floor, Keep the posture for 3 minutes 8.

Lie on your back, lift your legs, sit sideways by the wall and lie down.

Put your legs on the wall and keep your hips close to the back, chest and neck of the wall as much as possible to relax and breathe.

Keep the posture for 3 minutes can also practice before going to bed to help you relieve pressure, promote sleep and sleep better.

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