New Yoga Life

[shared by the headmaster] Ying Yoga free live class will help the whole family improve immunity! Rare parent-child activities, move!

Sunshine Education × Ying yoga in 2016, the principal of our school led the hot mom and handsome dad to open the road of yoga, and the gal people achieved amazing inverse growth; Some Jia people practice abdominal waistcoat line, some Jia people practice extraordinary temperament, and some Jia people realize the wish of their second baby…

Headmaster experience: I have practiced yoga for more than 6 years, like my first love.

After self-study and practice yoga, I get rid of shoulder and back pain, practice lines, run to the age of 5, and work and live actively at the age of 18 every day.

Live online classes} during the epidemic period, there are three live online classes every day at 12 noon, 4 pm and 7 pm.

In addition, there are online one-to-one private classes and online small classes.


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