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She began to practice yoga at the age of 30. She is very old and has an invincible figure!

Today, I want to introduce to you a little yoga sister, Ania, who is one of my favorite ins Yoga bloggers.

She has no difficulty in all kinds of yoga movements.

She is easy and free from pressure.

Looking at her pictures of yoga practice feels like appreciating a work of art.

It’s like enjoying every yoga movement and every muscle is comparable to an anatomical diagram.

The sequence diagram of Yoga dry goods she once shared has been popular.

The whole ins movement standard and picture are clear Clear steps have a good reference significance for the study of Yoga people.

The comparison diagram of Yoga right and wrong she once shared has blasted our whole circle of Yoga friends.

For beginners, don’t be too intuitive.

You can see the problem at a glance.

All kinds of difficult yoga tutorials are easy to do by yourself.

After reading these, you must be like me.

You can’t believe that Anita started yoga at the age of 30.

I feel that she should practice yoga from an early age Practice like this, but in fact, Ania is very sorry that she didn’t start Yoga until her youth.

She even called on everyone on INS to start from her youth.

Ania accidentally practiced yoga during a vacation after work at the age of 30.

Unexpectedly, yoga has changed her whole life.

Practicing yoga, teaching yoga and sharing yoga have become her perfect abdominal muscles every day Look at her figure and waistcoat line.

Many people may say that she must have never had a baby, but in fact, Ania’s baby has gone to school.

This year, his height is almost equal to that of Ania.

Learn about the daily yoga methods of practicing abdominal muscles, so, Yoga is never easy to get a good figure and health, but accumulated over time.

If you have just started yoga for three months and half a year, there has not been much change.

Don’t worry.

Yoga changes in units of years.

Yoga is a way of life and attitude that is not tight, slow, arrogant and persistent The balance is just right.

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