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Shoulder acid, cervical spondylosis? This set of simple shoulder neck physiotherapy yoga moves must be practiced often!

Due to the need of work, modern people have to sit in front of the computer for a long time, or look down at the mobile phone for a long time.

Such an incorrect posture will not only lead to shoulder, neck and upper back pain, but also lead to serious cervical spondylosis over time.

Today, I will introduce you to the simple yoga shoulder and neck physiotherapy, which is mainly aimed at the problem of shoulder and neck pain.

Regular practice can not only alleviate and prevent shoulder and neck pain and cervical spondylosis, but also effectively improve the posture of round shoulder hunchback and make you more temperament! Action 1-2 Simple sitting posture with straight back Abdominal adduction, shoulders back Keep your head down for five Head back to neutral Keep your head up and back for 5 breathing movements 3 Easy to sit, twist to the right Put your left hand above your right knee Hold your right hand on the ground behind your hips Turn around and look over your right shoulder Keep 5 breaths and change the opposite side 4 Kneel and stand ready with feet hip width apart The big and small legs are vertical, and the hands are straight forward The spine extends and the armpits expand and press down Relax your shoulders and stay away from your ears Keep your chin on the ground and keep breathing for 5 times King Kong knelt down and touched his forehead forward Slowly lift your hips and move your weight forward Roll your head forward to the top of your head The big and small legs are vertical, and the cervical spine is vertical to the ground Hold your heels with both hands and keep breathing for 5 times 6 The last movement enters, with the forehead on the ground Put your hands behind your back and clasp your fingers The spine is extended and the shoulders relaxed Lift your hands up away from your body Keep your elbows straight and keep breathing for 5 times 7 Prepare to lie on your stomach with your hands on your sides Bend your knees and keep your heels close to your hips Grasp the instep with both hands from the outside of the foot Lift your chest, knees and thighs off the ground Raise your thigh and keep 5 breaths.

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