Sun worship a style, the best set of movements for beginners of Yoga (full version of movement + breathing)

Sun worship is the best entry for beginners of yoga.

It is also the best practice sequence for daily self practice.

No matter what stage of yoga you are in.

If you are a beginner of Xiaobai yoga, you can start yoga practice from the time of sun worship.

If you are a senior yoga practitioner, you should also turn back and often practice more sun worship, experience the cooperation of breathing and movement in the basic asana, and be more aware of the body.

Another point I want to emphasize in particular is that if you are a beginner of yoga and you can’t master the movements skillfully, you don’t need to inhale and exhale.

First do the whole set of movements and become proficient.

You are trying to find the cooperation between breathing and movement.

If the movement and breathing can’t cooperate well in practice, it means that you still don’t master the pose skillfully, and you can’t be comfortable and stable in the pose.

Don’t worry about breathing first, put the pose in position, and the breathing will naturally keep up with you.

Just like painting, draw a rough outline first, and then refine it.


Prayer mountain standing, standing at the front of the mat, with feet as wide as the pelvis; Adjust your body, tighten your legs, roll your tailbone and straighten your pelvis; Close the abdomen and ribs, and straighten the spine; The chest opens and the shoulders stretch back and sink; Chin slightly retracted, head and neck straight.

Inhale, put your hands in front of your chest, exhale with your small arms upright, keep your shoulders in prayer, and keep breathing for 5 to 8 groups.

Adjust your breathing, concentrate and let your heart come back to the mat.


Raise your arms and inhale on your back.

Raise your hands above your head and put your palms together.

Exhale, the head and neck lead the spine upward and backward, and the eyes look in the direction of the thumb.

Hold 3 to 5 groups of breathing in the supine position after raising the arm.

You can also sit in the mountain pose with your arms raised, with your spine straight and not leaning back, as shown in the figure.

If it is difficult to put your hands together, you can also separate your hands and be the same width as your shoulders.


Stand and bend forward to inhale.

The arm leads the spine back to normal exhalation.

The arm drives the body to fold forward and down to its own range with the hip as the folding point.

Put your hands on the ground or put your hands on your calves.

Keep breathing for 5 ~ 8 groups when standing and flexing forward.

Feel the expansion of the chest, the extension of the spine and the extension of the back of the thigh when inhaling.

When exhaling, feel the tightening of the abdomen and the tightening of the front of the thigh to strengthen the forward flexion.


Horse riding inhale, bend your knees, put your hands on both sides of your feet, exhale, withdraw your left foot and step back on the ground.

Inhale, check your front legs, keep your knees directly above your ankles, adjust your pelvis, straighten your pelvis, straighten your spine, exhale, straighten your hind legs and sink your hips downward.

Keep breathing for 5 ~ 8 groups in horseback pose, and the spine will extend each time you inhale.

With each breath, tighten your hind legs and keep your hips sinking.


Inhale in the inclined plate, push the ground with both hands, exhale, pull the right foot back and close to the left foot.

Inhale and move your weight forward, bringing your shoulders directly above your wrists.

Exhale, push your feet on the ground, tighten your legs and keep your core.

Keep 5 ~ 8 breaths on the inclined plate.

Be careful not to shrug your shoulders, collapse your waist and raise your hips.


Inhale in a four column style, bend your elbows and drop your small arms to the ground.

Exhale, lower your body, enter the four pillars, and maintain 5 to 8 groups of breathing in the four pillars.

For many beginners, this step may be difficult and can be practiced on both knees.

But don’t relax your upper body movements and core details.

Don’t shrug or collapse your waist.


Inhale in Cobra style.

Your head and neck lead your spine like a snake through your hands.

Lower your legs, knees and insteps to the ground, exhale, sink your shoulders, close your shoulder blades, and look up.

In Cobra pose, keep 5 ~ 8 groups of breathing and pay attention to the amplitude.

The spine extends in two directions, the chest is opened, and the lumbar spine is not squeezed.


Inhale in the downward dog style, push the ground with both hands, bend the knees, stand on tiptoe, and lift the hips upward.

Exhale, continue to push your hands to the ground, close your shoulder blades, and land your heels on the ground.

Keep breathing for 5 to 8 groups in downward dog pose.

Beginners can bend their knees or lift their heels to find the feeling of stretching the whole back and side waist.

Imagine an upward diagonal line from your arms to your back to your hips.


Inhale on horseback and lift your left foot up.

Exhale and take a big step forward with your left foot to the middle of your hands.

Inhale and raise your hands above your head.

Exhale, sink the hip downward and keep breathing for 5 ~ 8 groups.

Here I added a movement of standing upright with both hands upward, which can better stretch the body.

Of course, if you think it is difficult for you to maintain stability with both hands upward, you can still support with both hands on the ground.


Inhale in standing forward flexion, hold your hands on the ground, exhale, step your right foot forward, flush with your left foot, separate your feet with the width of your pelvis, inhale, extend your body, exhale, raise your hips, straighten your legs, enter standing forward flexion, maintain 5 to 8 groups of breathing in standing forward flexion, 11.

Raise your arms and inhale on your back, bring your arms back to the right, lift your hands up over your head and exhale, and your head and neck lead your spine upward and backward, Keep two groups of breathing in the direction of your eyes and fingers.


Inhale in prayer mode, drive your arms to straighten your body, straighten your spine, exhale, return your hands to your chest, close your hands, enter the prayer room, adjust your breathing in prayer mode, and prepare for the next round of practice.

By the way, in the next round of sun salute, change one leg.

If you just withdrew your right foot backward, then now withdraw your left foot.

It is customary for many people to withdraw the same foot backward all the time, and when you step forward from downward dog pose, it has always been the same foot, resulting in great differences on both sides of this action.

Pay attention to everything and share health and beauty..

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