What is medical Yoga? To solve non disease rehabilitation [functional training] and relieve non disease pain [functional rehabilitation]

“Medical yoga” can dredge the whole body Qi and blood to prevent sports injury and sports rehabilitation.

What is medical Yoga? Medical yoga focuses on “breathing” and integrates traditional Chinese medicine with deep breathing to affect visceral fascia, combined with myofascial movement to drive the smooth circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body, so as to improve the health of the body and prevent sports injuries.

Medical yoga can better improve self-protection.

Its characteristic is that it can guide the insufficient muscle strength of the body to exercise.

At the same time, it can find out the tight fascia and the areas of pain or severe pain.

However, for those with serious muscle and muscle fascia tension, it is more necessary to strengthen the frequency of fascia extension to restore the healthy elasticity and tension of the fascia.

If the fascia has good elasticity and sufficient muscle strength, just like our bodies wearing invincible armor, it will be enough to deal with many accidents.

Like falling and pulling during exercise, you can protect yourself from injury or shorten the time of pain and accelerate recovery.

However, if your fascia lacks elasticity and muscle strength is insufficient, your body will be very tight and prone to injury, and you are more likely to have problems such as muscle, bone and joint diseases.

After learning about “medical yoga”, these five principles must be learned.


Integrate breathing: the main structure of medical yoga is “breathing”.

Deep breathing will affect the visceral fascia, and then combined with professional muscle fascia release techniques to activate the body fascia and drive the circulation of blood and Qi throughout the body.


Insufficient muscle strength: the muscle strength training of medical yoga is to strengthen the connection between the upper and lower key core muscle groups of the body, stretch the fascia in the deep layer to alleviate the discomfort caused by inflammation, and then exercise the insufficient muscle strength of the body.

At the same time, continue to stretch to avoid the feeling of tension again, so as to help your body create a recent healthy protective layer.


Healing of pain: the root of pain lies in the tension of muscle and fascia, which leads to inflammation.

Therefore, to understand which muscle and fascia is inflamed through physical symptoms, the first thing to do is to put the Chinese medicine bag into deep hot compress, and then do a certain angle of functional flexion and extension centered on the pain point.

At the same time, use the fascia ball to press the inflamed part moderately.

After repeated several times, the inflammation will effectively spread around until it disappears, so as to reduce the pain in the inflamed area.

If there is no inflammation, it can also maintain the body and increase bone density, so as to better prevent future diseases and pains in muscles and bones.

This is the best means of sports rehabilitation treatment.


Improve flexibility: when the tight muscles and muscle fascia are relaxed, the flexibility of human joints will be automatically improved, which can effectively prevent sports injuries and accidents in daily life, such as falls, sprains, fractures, etc.

it can also avoid the risk of muscle, bone joints and muscle fascia injuries due to poor posture or wrong movements.


Effectively relax nerves: Nowadays, more and more people suffer from insomnia due to work and life pressure.

Recently, sleep medicine experts found that regular yoga practice can not only help treat insomnia, but also increase the total sleep time and improve sleep efficiency.

You must practice under the guidance of a professional teacher to help calm the nervous system.

So as to make the body and mind unified and harmonious.

Do you still need to practice medical yoga if you have the habit of massage? Many people mistakenly think that you don’t have to exercise.

As long as you go to massage, massage, moxibustion, etc., you can stay away from the pain.

In fact, this is a wrong idea.

All of the above belong to passive exercises, which may help some fascia to be softened temporarily, but these muscle fascia do not really unfold, so it will recur in a short time.

In addition, the donor cannot know his own feelings, and it is easy to be injured if he is not careful.

Therefore, if you want to open the tight fascia, you must do “active” and effective Yoga stretching to dredge the meridians of the whole body, so as to open up the internal circulation of the body.

In the process of active Yoga stretching, you can better metabolize the impurities in the blood and take a bath for your blood vessels.

Start your muscle power with professional medical yoga.

Love yourself and keep yourself beautiful all the time for the rest of your life.

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