Why is it so important for the big toe ball to press the ground in the Yoga standing pose? (Classic)

Add a circle of friends around teachers on wechat ~ in the standing three-dimensional pose, the most important thing to keep balance is to press the big toe ball down.

Why is it so important for the big toe ball to press down? Let’s explain it with two individual poses: double angle pose and warrior pose.

Double angle pose in double angle pose, when you fold forward, the pelvis will naturally move back a little to prevent the body from falling forward.

This movement of the pelvis will move the legs away from the plane perpendicular to the ground.

Although it doesn’t seem to make any difference from the front, from the side, the posture is not in the right position.

What we need is to return the pelvis to the top of the line between our feet.

In order to do this, the big toe ball should be pressed down, the pelvis will naturally move forward, and the plane of the pelvis and the soles of the feet will be perpendicular to the ground.

In the ideal state of Warrior III, what we need to do in Warrior III is to make the two thigh surfaces perpendicular to the ground.

This has many advantages.

First, after being vertical, gravity will act on the thigh vertically.

At this time, the thigh bone is in a positive position.

Using this passive force, you can maintain balance without the active force of the thigh.

Second, the pressure on the knee will be the least.

If the thighs lean back, the pressure on the knee will increase.

By pressing the big toe against the cushion, you can pull the pelvis back directly above the ankle.

Third, activate the flexor of the big toe, which can lift the arch of the foot more.

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