Yoga 9 years, 50 years old, mother of three children, her body has undergone amazing changes!

Add a circle of friends around teachers on wechat ~ today, I want to introduce a little sister of INS spicy yoga ChelseaWilliams@chelseasyoga2014 Yoga has been practiced for nine years this year.

Looking at this figure, can you believe that she is 50 years old? Can you believe she’s still a mother of three? And the youngest child is 11 years old this year? But the fact is that women who stick to yoga for a long time will really be younger.

The frozen age of yoga is true.

This small waist, this upturned hip, this long leg, and this beautiful back are simply growing against the original, A 50 year old woman can be so beautiful, but Chelsea, who started yoga in her 40s, is also very stiff.

Through the comparison before and after yoga, we can see that there has been an amazing change in the flexibility of her body.

This is the harvest brought to Chelsea by adhering to yoga.

I believe that every friend who is doing yoga will have this change.

As long as you adhere to and love yoga, share 8 yoga moves today, which is very suitable for practice before going to bed, Release leg fatigue, promote endocrine balance, and keep practicing to make you young from inside to outside! 01.

Sitting in the cow face pose, the right leg bends the knee to inhale, the sitting bone takes root downward, the spine extends and exhales, the left hand side points to the ground, the right hand bends to the left side for 10 breaths, and exchanges the other side 02.

The lower dog pose exits from the upper one and enters the lower dog pose to adjust 3-5 breaths 03.

The high lunge twist enters from the lower dog pose, exhale, the left leg steps forward to inhale, the right hand supports the ground, the chest twists, and the left hand stretches upward for 3-5 breaths 04 The side angle type withdraws from the upper one, enters the side angle type to inhale, the left leg bends the knee, the hip rotates outward, the left elbow bends over the left thigh to exhale, the right hand stretches upward and bends to the left side to stay for 3-5 breaths 05, the low lunge variant withdraws from the side angle type, enters the low lunge, the left leg bends the knee in front, inhales, extends the spine to exhale, tightens the core, grabs the right foot with the left hand, opens the back chest, and stays for 3-5 breaths 06, the semi God monkey type withdraws from the low lunge, Enter the semi monkey pose, inhale with the hips backward, the right thigh vertical to the ground, the left leg straight, the toes hooked back, and stay for 8 breaths.


Semi infant supine position, bend the right leg, inhale with the soles of the feet on the ground, bend the left leg into the semi happy infant pose, hold the soles of the left foot with the left hand, and stay for 1 minute tips: posture 03-07 pay attention to changing the other side of the exercise 08.

Deer sitting position, rotate the right hip outward, rotate the left hip inward, inhale, extend the spine, exhale, Tighten the core body, twist to the right, open the chest, stay for 8-10 breaths, and exchange the other side.

The best nourishment for the body and mind is to practice yoga!..

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