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Yoga adagio, which lasts for 5 minutes a day, is better than running 1000 meters!

When it comes to core practice, we have to mention flat support.

At the beginning, flat support, which was popular in the fitness circle, captured the hearts of many girls who wanted to practice vest line.

In yoga, the core effective asanas are inclined board and side board.

Today I’ll share a reverse board for you.

As the name suggests, the reverse plate type is the “reverse variant” of the inclined plate.

(inclined plank) reverse plank can not only enhance the strength of legs, arms and abdomen, but also stretch the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and anterior deltoid.

It is the reverse balance of push ups.

Next we start unlocking.

01 detailed explanation of asana step 1 Sit and stand on the cushion surface, keep your legs together, straighten forward, tilt your upper body backward, put your hands on the back of your hips, and point your fingers to your hips.


When inhaling, support the ground with both hands, lift the legs and hips upward until the thighs are flat with the upper body like a table, the two arms are perpendicular to the ground, and the soles of the feet fall to the ground and support the floor.


When exhaling, the back is relaxed, the lower abdomen is retracted, and the head and neck are extended backward.

Within the comfort level, try to lift the chest to the ceiling.

Keep 5 deep and slow breaths.


With the next inhalation, the hips fall back to the cushion surface and pat the legs to relax.

02 precautions 1 Put your hands directly under your shoulders and perpendicular to the ground.

When maintaining the posture, the lower abdomen is retracted.


Focus on the palms of both hands and feet.

If your toes can’t touch the ground, try to stick to the ground without forcing.


The head should not be tilted back too much and should be naturally extended backward.


If you feel no pressure, you can try to lift one leg up and keep it parallel to the ground.


The holding time of asana depends on the individual.

It’s more tiring to practice than plank style, but it’s sour.

03 asana efficacy # 1.

Open the front chest and stretch the intercostal part.

When breathing, it is conducive to the gas entering the middle part of the lung.


The reverse plate type can make the inhaled gas penetrate into the whole body, enhance the heat inside the body and promote the blood circulation of the whole body more smoothly.


Reverse plank can also exercise core strength, improve the flexibility of lumbar and abdominal muscles, burn the fat around the waist and abdomen, and lose a small waist! Do you want to receive such Yoga information every day? You can go back to the top and click the blue font to meet you in yoga.

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