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Balance’s mind is calm, neverunderestimateyourpower tochangeyourself Yoga balanced tidal practice never underestimate your ability to change yourself Mind choose your mind.

Some of us find it difficult to stay in the moment and stop our mind.

Fantasize, plan and arrange the future.

This is especially true for those who need to pay close attention to the future in their career.

The solution is that we don’t have to choose a state of mind and keep it forever; This is not the only time to think about the future.

When you don’t need to think about the future, you should calm your mind.

The body is the same.

Should it run all the time or stay still? It depends.

If the body stays still, it will die.

If the body runs from morning to night, it will also die.

The trick is how to best serve the present moment.

In our stressful society, more and more people need to learn to be calm rather than plan for the future.

If you always ignore the meal in front of you and always think about the meal tomorrow, you will starve yourself.

Similarly, if you ignore the present hour and think about the future, you will achieve nothing in your life.

When you are listening to others – Listen 100% carefully, just as you practice conscious breathing.

When you’re planning your schedule – plan 100 percent, just as you practice conscious breathing.

When you need to be busy with two purposes – be 100% busy, just as you practice conscious breathing.

Tame your mind and don’t let it always be in high spirits.

Sincerely invest in the present.

Practice when you feel stressed and need to calm down Breathing: do tidal breathing for 3 minutes.

To calm down and maintain balance, you need to learn to perceive your body and breathing, just as you do when practicing postures.

Try to avoid unnecessary dual use, but if you have to, try to keep yourself focused and clear headed at work.

Your will and your view of things determine whether it is valuable or not.

If you find yourself addicted to the past and unable to extricate yourself, remember that this moment is what you can have.

All moments are of equal value to your growth and love.

The value of a moment depends on your will and your view of it.

At this moment, now try your best to create new memories.

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