Yoga practice, don’t just taste it

Add the teacher’s wechat to watch the teacher’s circle of friends ~ after practicing for a period of time, many people feel that they are still not thin and their hands still can’t touch their toes, so they decide to give up Some people want to have a good figure quickly and see the effect in one month.

They think yoga shaping is slow.

However, what comes fast goes fast, while good things generally come slowly.

When you stick to it, you can experience a different life If you insist on Yoga morning exercise, you will know the power of “everyone sleeps and I wake up alone”.

If you insist on meditation, you will know that “Yoga is not just asana”.

Internal practice is more important and difficult than external practice.

If you insist on walking on the road of yoga, you will know that even if “age does not stop at the beginning of yoga”, your appearance stays at the stage of your yoga practice, breathing and breathing, You will sink down and do some simple and boring things with a smile.

However, you enjoy it as if you live your life day by day and year by year.

It’s like no one in life can take away the harvest and freedom from your sweat, Please love deeply.

Don’t stand outside the door and watch the excitement.

Don’t fish for three days and dry the net for five days to practice yoga.

Don’t taste it.

It’s not a linear promotion process.

It’s a self-discipline process from laziness to diligence.

This process will let you abandon more and more bad habits and develop a better yoga lifestyle- Today’s topic: only by adhering to yoga can you experience a different life.

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