Yoga shoulder and neck repair boutique course, 4 finished courses can be used

Statistics: 97% of middle-aged people have shoulder and neck diseases, and more than 40% of young people also have shoulder and neck diseases.

Among them, the probability of women suffering from shoulder and neck diseases is three times that of men of the same age.

The causes of shoulder and neck problems are largely due to the carelessness of body posture and posture in daily life: sitting still for a long time, lowering your head to play with your mobile phone, looking at the computer with your chest and bow back, having nothing to do with “Ge You paralysis”, and as long as you stand, it’s like “chondrosis”, always trying to lean against the wall, people and railing Suffering from round shoulders, hunchbacks and rich bags? Kunkun’s “5-day shoulder and neck repair excellent course” has 4 finished courses, which can drive away shoulder and neck pain and directly follow the practice {and use it.

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