32 year old TVB 100 billion daughter-in-law doing yoga outdoors! Wear a vest to show your perfect figure, and the slender waist and long

On June 21, Chen Yasi, the daughter-in-law of 100 billion yuan, shared a video on her personal social account, exposing her recent situation.

In the exposed picture, Chen Yasi appeared outdoors to do yoga.

From the background, it seems that she is on the balcony or roof of a villa.

She showed up in a sports vest and tights.

She has become a yoga instructor.

She is very flexible and can’t defeat her in all kinds of difficult postures.

Because she often exercises her figure, her figure curve is very perfect, her beautiful legs are straight and long, her slim waist is full of a grip, and her appearance is very eye-catching.

No wonder she has attracted the attention of the three generations of hundreds of billions of rich people.

Chenyasi, 32, graduated from the Finance Department of a famous university.

She is very interested in the entertainment industry.

First, she participated in the Miss Chinese competition, and in 2016, she participated in the Hong Kong beauty contest.

With her outstanding beauty and calm play, she passed through all the way to the top three.

Unfortunately, she finally lost to fengyingying and liuyinglai and only got the third place.

After the competition, the three signed a contract with TVB to become artists.

However, she was not valued by Feng YingYing and Liu Yinglai, and there were very few performance opportunities.

Disheartened, she retired from the entertainment industry and devoted herself to the Yoga career she loved.

After the movie, Chen Yasi’s life was very low-key.

It was not until she announced her marriage that she attracted attention again.

Last May, she was exposed to have applied for marriage with her boyfriend.

At the same time, she took a group photo with her boyfriend on her social account.

In the photo, the two held tightly together, looked at each other affectionately and showed intimacy.

The giant diamond ring in her hand was very eye-catching.

She said in English that she had promised me the love of my life! The other half of Chenyasi is guomengjun, who has a very big background.

His grandfather is guohenian, the richest man in Malaysia.

Guohenian, known as the “king of sugar in Asia”, originally ran the sugar business.

With his smart mind, he quickly made a lot of money.

After that, he began to set foot in real estate, shopping malls, hotels and other fields, and his career became bigger and bigger, with a total asset of up to 100 billion yuan.

Guohenian married twice and had 8 children in total.

Among these children, the older son guokongcheng should be more famous.

In those years, he fell in love with the late singer Teresa Teng, and the two of them went to the point of talking about marriage.

Unfortunately, they were beaten with sticks.

Guomengjun, 34, is the son of guohenian’s second son.

Graduated from Stanford University, he is both a businessman and a music producer.

He likes playing music very much.

How they met and fell in love with each other is not clear to the outside world, but what we can know is that he made up his mind to propose to Chen Yasi because of the epidemic, and the two were once separated from each other.

Not wanting to suffer from Acacia, he chose to propose…

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