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Poor posture? Old and fat without temperament? A set of yoga exercises pelvis, return your lightness posture!

In the half of the countdown to the limited time leading yoga class in 2022, the famous Yoga Teacher Wang Yuan decided to open 100 [1.1 yuan to learn yoga in groups] places in conjunction with the thousand chat platform.

It mainly leads you to practice yoga together, and solves common problems of women, such as low back pain, pelvic forward tilt, poor posture, and obesity.

First, long press the picture to identify and join.

The following details explain that the purpose of this group building is very simple.

Out of the responsibility of Yoga teachers, it helps more women who are deeply troubled by modern diseases (low back pain, etc.) and have fat and loose body: life and work pressure is heavy, shoulder, back and waist pain is uncomfortable, More minor ailments and pains and poor constitution; Poor daily habits, leading to pelvic tilt forward, chest hunchback, obscene posture and aging; I don’t have time to exercise everyday, and I want to get rid of my big belly and fat body; Have a certain Yoga foundation, want to better shape the body, improve the temperament, and not afraid of aging; If you are one of the above situations, today you have a rare opportunity: to recruit 100 people nationwide and open the qualification of 1.1 yuan to join the group! Directly and long press the picture to identify, and the channel will be closed immediately when people are full.

It’s really a loss to miss it! Press and hold the picture for 1.1 yuan to join the group of professional teachers’ live guidance + one-to-one teaching assistant service a set of practical [pelvic Yoga] for the whole family! No praise, no forwarding, first come, first learn.

This activity is not for profit.

The setting of 1.1 yuan is only to screen out those who do not really want to learn, so as to avoid interference to group friends.

Special reminder: Teacher Wang Yuan is a private teacher of A-list stars Liu Tao, Huang Yi and mu qimiya.

She has rich experience in yoga teaching.

You can rest assured that you can learn.

Now you will learn pelvic Yoga + posture correction + body shaping.

What are ordinary people afraid of learning Yoga? The first fear is that the action is difficult, the second fear is that there is no effect, and the third fear is that there is no time.

In the yoga group, don’t worry about these problems! The “star private education” group is led by Liu Tao, Huang Yi, and Wang Yuan, the yoga teacher of Muqi Miya.

She has also been interviewed by CCTV, and has been on famous variety shows such as “happy base camp” and “La Ma College”.

She is a famous yoga teacher with both experience and public praise! Wang Yuan exclusively developed a set of pelvic yoga that integrates “slimming + beautifying + improving physique”.

Grasp the root causes of women’s obesity and aging, and effectively solve your difficulties.

For example, I often feel pain and discomfort in my neck and back, and I can’t control my chest and hunchback? Correct the skewed and deformed pelvis through yoga, guide the spine and leg bones to return to the normal position, relieve pain and fatigue, shape a dignified and straight posture, and improve temperament! Another example is that the belly is protruding and the body is fat like a bucket? Teach you a set of yoga breathing method to improve metabolism from the inside and reduce fat accumulation.

Match it with shaping yoga movements to practice small waist, beautiful hips and S-curve! Long term practice of this set of yoga will not only return the pelvis to the normal position, but also repair the pelvic floor muscles, nourish the uterus and ovaries.

The effect will surprise you – many elderly aunts say that the yellow spots on their faces are gone, the small diseases and pains are less, and the whole person is in good spirits.

To prevent the number of places from being robbed after reading the article, you can long press the picture for 1.1 yuan to occupy a position and get ahead of others to shape and become beautiful against the age.

The 02 learning group was very popular as soon as it was launched.

I’m really sorry that my previous yoga learning group was loved by everyone as soon as it was launched.

Some friends even couldn’t wait to practice with it as soon as they joined the group.

The teaching assistants were very friendly.

They answered their doubts one-on-one.

The message area also received a lot of feedback.

After learning, friends basically have two attitudes.

One is glad to catch the last bus of the learning group: @ Xiaoyou’s mother: after joining the group, you will be as surprised as winning the lottery.

In the past, I could learn yoga without a foundation, and it worked quickly.

Within a few days, my belt loosened, and my bad habit of hunchback changed.

My colleagues said that I looked ten years younger! The front is convex and the back is cocky.

She is very feminine.

Her husband is stunned.

@ be at ease with the wind: at 48, I didn’t expect to be able to practice yoga.

Now my face is much ruddy.

After doing housework every day, my back aches and insomnia disappear.

I feel comfortable.

One is that I regret that I didn’t get the quota and didn’t meet my teachers and classmates earlier, so I can avoid many detours.

The friends in the group have already changed greatly.

Those who didn’t join the group regret that they knew it too late! Therefore, friends who saw this message must not miss it! If you have the following problems: unsightly fat, poor face and wrinkles, unsightly posture, old age, weak physique and love to get sick…

You have to hurry up! \official designated preferential channel \yoga shaping anti-aging experience official famous teacher training + community learning original [pelvic Yoga] Clear away your early aging problems.

At present, 394629 people have joined the [shaping inverse age Yoga camp].

Click the blue word below, and the next person to become beautiful is you!..

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