Aromatherapy yoga, go to an aromatic feast of body and mind

Do you know your body? Do you know your emotions? Aromatic yoga is a spiritual feast.

We meet the real self in an aesthetic fragrance and learn to treat ourselves gently from the fragrance.

Let’s use aromatic yoga to awaken the most subtle senses of the body and open the dusty heart.

An Indian custom with a history of thousands of years, yoga has become a popular way of exercise and meditation for millions of people.

Combined with posture, meditation, breathing exercises and deep relaxation, this is a comprehensive health therapy.

If you haven’t tried yoga, here are some practical effects you might experience: improving muscle strength and tension.

Having strong muscles may seem like something that only fitness enthusiasts or sports enthusiasts care about, but having refined muscles can prevent you from getting injured in the future.

It also means that you can have the strength you want to do your daily activities.

It improves your flexibility.

Stretching in yoga will help to relax the tension of the body.

Not only that, having more flexible joints means that you need less force when you perform a larger range of motion.

In this way, you can enhance your physical performance.

Stretching can also help reduce the resistance of muscle tissue during activity and increase the flow of blood and nutrients to body tissue.

Yoga helps reduce stress and allows you to focus more.

It’s hard to stay focused when you’re bored with life.

Regular yoga exercises can help you focus on the present moment and reduce your stress level.

In addition, yoga can also bring you many benefits.

In other words, even if you are a beginner, there are ways to enhance your exercise.

One of the most helpful ways is to use essential oils and their powerful aroma.

Yoga and aromatherapy will work together to improve your health.

No matter what your purpose of yoga exercise is, any intention can have a better effect under the catalysis of essential oil.

You can incorporate essential oils into your regular exercise to experience the emotional and physical benefits of this therapy.

You can use essential oil aromatherapy or apply it locally.

Their fragrance is designed to help you improve your exercise and connect physically in a way you could not have done before.

For example, the use of dotera mood calming compound essential oil will help you stay in the present when exercising; Wild orange oil and peppermint oil will be able to be applied to the temples or spread to the room, so that your senses will be full of vitality and you can move forward.

There are many kinds of magical Yoga factions with plant power + Yoga = 1+1 > 2.

Different types of Yoga emphasize different training priorities, but the effects are all benefits and balance for the body and mind.

Therefore, whether you are a yoga beginner or a yoga master, adding the support of plant fragrance during the practice process can help you feel emotional calm and physical and mental balance in the process of breathing and spitting.

Hathayogavs Geranium hada yoga focuses on physical exercise, pursues the balance of body and mind, and achieves physical and mental relaxation through posture and breathing.

At the same time, each action emphasizes comfort and relaxation, rather than forcing, to achieve a stable state of the whole body.

➹ speed matching essential oil: it’s not a good thing for Geranium to get too far or too late.

Whether it’s work or rest, receiving or giving, it has always been an important life topic to achieve balance.

Among them, geranium is the master of balance.

Geranium essential oil can calm and relax the body and mind.

Unique herbs can also help alleviate depression, anxiety and anger.

Hot yoga bikramyogavs Peppermint yoga is conducted in a professional classroom at 36-40 º C.

through a series of stretching movements, every part of the body can be stretched, directly stimulating nerves and muscles, increasing metabolism, accelerating blood circulation and detoxification, increasing softness and strengthening muscle strength.

➹ speed matching essential oil: it is not easy for mint to exercise under high temperature, but it can train you to have stronger willpower and concentration under such conditions.

Using the fresh and refreshing characteristics of mint essential oil can help improve your concentration and energy level, and your breathing will be more smooth.

And because Mint has a good skin cooling effect, it can help the skin to cool down moderately after the course, bringing a new and fresh feeling.

Yin Yoga yinyogavs Yanlan Cao Yin Yoga is a posture method to relieve nerves and muscles of the whole body.

The rhythm is gentle and static, with slow and slender breathing, lying and sitting posture.

It pays attention to the extension of the lower body and pelvis, regulates the nervous system through a relaxed state, and enhances the endurance of bones and muscles.

➹ speed matching essential oil: rock orchid practicing Yin Yoga helps to open and balance the ocean bottom chakra.

The undersea wheel is in charge of our survival consciousness, covers our survival instinct, and has the power to take root downward.

Rock orchid is the most suitable essential oil for strengthening the submarine wheel.

It is extracted from the rock orchid to the root 2-3 meters below the ground.

It has a steady smell of soil, making people safer and more active.


Yilan Ashtanga is characterized by strong and continuous postural practice, emphasizing the coordination of movement and breathing.

Several sets of continuous postural sequences are arranged according to the degree of difficulty.

Each set will take one to two hours or more to complete, including many difficult movements.

Ashatanga will let the practitioner see the improvement of their circulation, make their posture more light and strong, have strong confidence in their body, and calm and happy..

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